DiscCast 13 – With Larry Imperiale (Part.1)


A full year on from its beginnings, DiscCast is back, albeit a little late, for 2007. Episode 13 features the first part of our exclusive interview with
Larry Imperiale, where he talks in detail about the FPA. We also celebrate the anniversary of DiscCast with some interesting trivia, as well as a special segment on the recently announced Jammy awards.

Episode 13 Timeline-

1. Intro (0:00-2:21)
2. World Freestyle News – With a clip from Dave Lewis’ ‘Supercool’ track. (2:22-5:17)
3. FPA News (5:19-6:54)
4. DiscCast Interview – Larry Imperiale on the FPA. (6:54-28:20)
5. The Jammys 2007. (28:23-36:42)
6. DiscCast Facts – Replaces ‘Frisbee Facts’ this month! (36:43-44:26)
8. Conclusion and Goodbye (44:26-THE END)

If you have anything to say about the show, e.g. comments, suggestions, requests to be a guest, or even just that you enjoy listening, please e-mail us at
ukDiscstyle@yahoo.co.uk !

Alternatively, discuss the podcast on our thread at the fantastic FPA forum at: http://freestyledisc.org/learn_to_jam/index.php?topic=78.0

Although slightly late, this is January’s episode, and you can
expect another episode later on this month, where we’ll feature the second part
of our interview with Larry, in which he talks all about his own fascinating


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  1. Very interesting insights into the history and the operation mode of the FPA. Great interview! A highlight every month. Keep the good work up! Thank you.

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