freestyle flying disc rankings - 2004 System Changes
updated December 16, 2003

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2004 Rankings System Changes

This year there are four revisions to the rankings system for use in 2004.

Change #1: More Players Get Points

Under the current system, you receive ranking points for placing in the top 16 at most tournaments. For 2004, the top 32 places will get rankings points. Also, the point scale has been adjusted so the points are not weighted as much at the very top of the finishing positions.

Change #2: Regular Tournaments

The point scale for Tour events was not being used effectively, since the FPA doesn't really have a formal tour. We have dropped the separate point scale for tournaments designated Tour events. All tournaments will offer the same rankings points (with adjustments for the number of entered players), except the FPA Worlds, US Open, WFDF, WDG and one sanctioned national championship per country.

Change #3: Paganello's Points

Paganello used to be considered a Tour event for rankings purposes. Given its international importance as Europe's premier freestyle tournament, Paganello will be considered the retain the same rankings points, as though it is the Italian National Championships.

Change #4: Bonus Points Clarification

This is a wording change to clarify when a player qualifies for bonus points. With the emergence of double elimination and individual format tournaments, we needed to tweak the wording to reward players for outscoring others who weren't completely eliminated from the tournament.

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