The 2012 FPA Disc Rocks

Just got my 2012 Freestyle Players Association (FPA) disc (plus some whiz rings plus an instructional DVD!!!) for renewing my FPA membership. Freestyle is fortunate to have a lot of talented graphic designers in its ranks, and each year it seems like the disc design contest comes up with something surprising and wonderful. I’m especially fond of this year’s Mayan Apocalypse theme:

And detail from the design

Art design for discs is notoriously tricky. The most ambitious visions inevitably run into the limitations of the hotstamp process. The lines are too thick. Or maybe they’re too thin. Or maybe the lines are all within range, but the difference between the thickest and thinnest lines is too great. Then there are those freestylers, who want the center of the disc free of art. It’s more tricky than it seems.

Congrats to Dave Bolyard on his 2012 design. Love it! And here’s the man behind the design: