2000 FPA Worlds Recap – Open Pairs

Until this July, only three players had ever won back to back Open Pairs titles at the FPA World Championships. Deaton Mitchell and Jim Schmal Benson won four consecutive years (1983-1986), and Joey Hudoklin won in 1987 and 1988 with two different partners. Add Dan Yarnell to that select list, as he won the 2000 title with Randy Silvey to go with his 1999 title with Steve Hanes. After years of trying to get his first major title, Yarnell is looking like the next dominant player.

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2000 FPA Worlds Recap – Mixed Pairs

There was a point where teams in the Mixed Pairs division at the FPA Worlds would be fighting for second place. Between 1995 and 1998, Dave Schiller and Amy Bekken were so dominant that they seemed unbeatable. Last year, Schiller and Bekken did not compete, and Dave Murphy and Brenda Savage won the mixed crown. This year, Bekken is expecting her first child with husband Schiller, and Dave Murphy suffered a career ending back injury in the spring. There would be another new mixed pairs champion.

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Team Shrednow Wins 2000 FPA World Co-op Title

The Co-op division at this year’s FPA Worlds in Seattle promised changes and new battles. Because of the career ending back injury to Dave Murphy this spring, three time defending champions Coddington/Lewis/Murphy were guaranteed not to fourpeat. Arthur Coddington and Dave Lewis had formed a new team – Team Shrednow – by hooking up with Tommy Leitner, a formidable replacement for Dave Murphy, but it might have been too late.
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