DiscCast Episode 11: Feat. Skippy Jammer

November brings with it another enthralling episode of DiscCast, and we are proud to present long-time legend ‘Skippy Jammer’ as our main guest this month. In an exclusive, in-depth, 30-minute interview he reveals all about his amazing career. Packed with a plethora of personal anecdotes and humour, as well as his own opinions on freestyle, this is one not to be missed! In addition, expect many of your usual favourites, including the tantalizing last ever clues for guess the jammer.

Episode 11 Timeline-

1. Intro (0:00-2:10)
2. World Freestyle News (2:10-5:42)
3. FPA News (5:43-8:02)
4. DiscCast Interview – Feat. Kevin Givens, aka Skippy Jammer. (8:03-39:27)
5. ‘Guess the Jammer’ – The last ever clues and the prize finally revealed. (39:47-42:50)
6. Frisbee Fact (42:52-44:28)
8. Conclusion and Goodbye (44:30-THE END)

If you have anything to say about the show, e.g. comments, suggestions, requests to be a guest,
guess the jammer entries, or even just that you enjoy listening, please e-mail us at
ukDiscstyle@yahoo.co.uk !

Alternatively, discuss the podcast on our thread at the fantastic FPA forum!

Whatever Happened To The Rankings?

It must seem like the world rankings have disappeared, and I apologize for that. The combination of starting a new job and an avalanche of September results delayed my updating of the lists. Last night, I spent most of a cross-country plane flight completing the October rankings (Open | Women), which include seven new tournament results (Narragansett Jam, EFC. Vola Vola, Torneo Citta Milano, Indian Summer, Versilio Cup/Viaraggio and Tennessee States).

My next step will be to tackle the October results, which should not take as long, then the November results, which should be even easier.

Enjoy the October list in the meantime, and as always let me know if you notice any errors.

2006 Arizona States

2006 Arizona States
Scottsdale, AZ
November 11-12, 2006

1. Matt and Jacob Gauthier
2. Dave Lewis/Pat Marron
3. Paul Kenny/Dave Murphy
4. Lisa Hunrichs/Cindy Kruger
5. Jeff Kruger/Tom Lasher
6. Jamie Chantiles/Rico Schneider
7. Steve Hays/Mike Galloupe/Neil Toland
8. Bill Wright/Rick Sader

Prelim A
1. Dave Lewis/Pat Marron
2. Jeff Kruger/Tom Lasher
3. Jamie Chantiles/Rico Schneider
4. Steve Hays/Mike Galloupe/Neil Tolan
5. Dan Yarnell/Chris Baker
6. Harvey Brandt/Jon Freedman
7. Tita Ugalde/Beth Verish

Prelim B
1. Matt and Jacob Gauthier
2. Dave Murphy/Paul Kenny
3. Lisa Hunrichs/Cindy Kruger
4. Bill Wright/Rick Sader
5. Rick Williams/Doug Korns
6. Mary Lowry/Lori Daniels
7. Mark Horn/John Schiller

Flow Freestyle Championships

Hello Everybody!!

i’m glad to announce that the videos from the Israeli freestyle championships are now all online.

The results:

1. Dori Yaniv and Arnon Avitzur
2. Ofek Agmon and Yarden Borkow
3. Ayal Benin and Itay Gal
4. Dvir Sanela and Lusti

The videos