2005 FPA Worlds: Final Results

FPA Worlds
Greenlake Park
Seattle, WA
July 31, 2005


1. Cindy Kruger/Lisa Hunrichs Silvey (69.8)
2. Sarah Bergman/Mary Lowry (53.0)
3. Terry Bogenhagen/Amy Schiller (50.7)
4. Lori Daniels/Carolyn Yabe (47.8)


1. Tom Leitner/Dave Schiller 71.9 (dropless)
2. Randy Silvey/Reto Zimmerman 67.2
3. Arthur Coddington/Dave Lewis 67.2
4. Pat Marron/Paul Smith 63.2
5. Larry Imperiale/Jeff Kruger 62.3 i
6. Paul Kenny/Pipo Lopez 62.0
7. Jake Gauthier/Matt Gauthier 61.8
8. Joel Rogers/Rodney Sanchez 59.5


1. Amy Schiller/Dave Schiller 74.5
2. Lisa Silvey/Matt Gauthier 65.5
3. Mary Lowry/Paul Kenny 61.3
4. Cindy Kruger/Jake Gauthier 59.6
5. Nikki Nicholson/Toddy Brodeur 51.1
6. Bethany Sanchez/Rodney Sanchez 46.6


1. Tom Leitner/Joel Rogers/Dave Schiller 73.2
2. Jake Gauthier/Matt Gauthier/Randy Silvey 70.4
3. Toddy Brodeur/Larry Imperiale/Paul Kenny 68.8
4. Arthur Coddington/Dave Lewis/Pat Marron 65.5
5. Clay Collera/Lisa Hunrichs Silvey/Jan Soerensen 55.4
6. Bob Coleman/Jeff O’Brien/Dan Yarnell 53.8
7. Jeff Kruger/Pipo Lopez/Reto Zimmerman 53.6
8. Jamie Chantiles/Rico Schneider/Z Weyand 45.9


– Dave Schiller swept all three titles, the first time that has been done since Joey Hudoklin in 1987.

– Dave Schiller also went dropless for the day.

– Dave Schiller and Tom Leitner’s Open Pairs final round was dropless, the first dropless pairs win since Arthur Coddington and Dave Lewis in New York City in 1996.

– Amy and Dave Schiller won a record fifth Mixed Pairs title together. The team with the next best record is Dave Schiller and Kate Dow with three titles.

– Tom Leitner and Dave Schiller each picked up their third Open Pairs title. Only Deaton Mitchell, Jim Schmal/Benson, Arthur Coddington and Dave Lewis have more – 4 each. Joey Hudoklin and Skippy Jammer also have three Open Pairs titles.

– Cindy Kruger and Lisa Silvey won their third consecutive Womens Pairs title. Lisa Silvey now has six Women’s titles, behind only Stacy McCarthy’s eight. Cindy Kruger now has five Women’s titles, putting her third on the all-time list.

– Tom Leitner and Dave Schiller now each have four Co-op titles, behind Larry Imperiale’s seven and Joey Hudoklin, Dave Lewis and Arthur Coddington’s five on the all-time list. Tom and Dave are tied with Skippy Jammer at four titles. Joel Rogers now has three FPA Co-op titles.

2005 FPA Worlds: Second Day Results

2005 FPA World Championships
Seattle Washington
July 30, 2005

(top 4 in each pool to semifinal)

Pool A

1. Arthur Coddington/Dave Lewis (65.3)
2. Randy Silvey/Reto Zimmerman (64.8)
3. Larry Imperiale/Jeff Kruger (63.6)
4. Joel Rogers/Rodney Sanchez (61.0)
5. Bob Coleman/Dan Yarnell (59.5)
6. Clay Collera/Fabio Sanna (58.5)
7. Dan Lustiger/Rick Sader (53.7)
8. Lorenzo Apriani/Mark Regalbuti (46.9)

Pool B

1. Jake Gauthier/Matt Gauthier (69.8)
2. Paul Kenny/Pipo Lopez (69.6)
3. Tom Leitner/Dave Schiller (67.9)
4. Pat Marron/Paul Smith (58.1)
5. Joakim Arveskär/Stefan Karlsson (58.0)
6. Rob Knapik/Bill Wright (51.8)
7. Alan Caplin/Petri Isola (48.1)
8. Toddy Brodeur/Cindy Kruger (47.7)

(top 3 in each pool to final)

Pool A

1. Amy Schiller/Dave Schiller (66.9)
2. Lisa Hunrichs Silvey/Matt Gauthier (66.8)
3. Bethany Sanchez/Rodney Sanchez (60.3)
4. Carolyn Yabe/Tom Leitner (54.8)
5. Eleonora Imazio/Fabio Sanna (53.3)
6. Anne Goh/Steve Scannell (44.7)
7. Terry Bogenhagen/Rico Schneider (39.3)

Pool B

1. Mary Lowry/Paul Kenny (62.9)
2. Nikki Nicholson/Toddy Brodeur (59.1)
3. Cindy Kruger/Jake Gauthier (58.0)
4. Lori Daniels/Joel Rogers (55.9)
5. Sarah Bergman/Jeff Kruger (54.0)
6. Rohre Titcomb/Pipo Lopez (49.7)

(top 4 in each pool to semifinal)

Pool A

1. Tom Leitner/Joel Rogers/Dave Schiller (72.3)
2. Toddy Brodeur/Larry Imperiale/Paul Kenny (68.4)
3. Jeff Kruger/Pipo Lopez/Reto Zimmerman (61.8)
4. Bob Coleman/Jeff O’Brien/Dan Yarnell (53.5)
5. Joakim Arveskär/Petri Isola/Stefan Karlsson (53.3)
6. Alan Caplin/Tim Mackey/Mark Regalbuti (39.1)
7. Craig Burris/Paul Smith/Dan Swanson (37.0)
8. Eleonora Imazio/Dan Lustiger/Rick Sader (31.9)

Pool B

1. Arthur Coddington/Dave Lewis/Pat Marron (70.7)
2. Jake Gauthier/Matt Gauthier/Randy Silvey (66.5)
3. Clay Collera/Jan Soerensen/Lisa Hunrichs Silvey (58.1)
4. Jamie Chantiles/Rico Schneider/Z Weyand (52.4)
(5, 6 or 7). Lorenzo Apriani/Bob Boulware/Rodney Sanchez (48.1)
6. Bob Morrissey/Steve Scannell/Craig Simon (38.8)
7. Lori Daniels/Matt Hull/Mike Stoneking (38.3)
8. Steve Hubbard/Fabio Sanna/Bill Wright (SCR)


– Winds were super-shifty today. Though the winds were light, teams had to contend with an unpredictable wind direction almost the entire day. The lake wind only arrived very late in the day for the last few co-op teams, who were very grateful. Amy and Dave Schiller may have had the worst wind. During Mixed Pairs, the wind blew from almost every direction over the course of four minutes.

– Today was a day of small point differentials. Pat Marron and Paul Smith qualified for the Pairs final with a differential of only 0.1 points over Stefan Karlsson and Joakim Arveskär. Amy and Dave Schiller won their Mixed Pairs semifinal by only 0.1 points over Lisa Hunrichs Silvey and Matt Gauthier. And, Matt & Jake Gauthier won their Open Pairs semifinal by only 0.2 points over Paul Kenny and Pipo Lopez.

– The Matt & Jake Gauthier semifinal routine was one of the best freestyle performances I’ve seen. Amazing teamwork. Outstanding difficulty. And all performed in a way that not only complemented the music they used (Metallica’s "One"), but interpreted it musically as well.

2005 FPA Worlds: First Day Results

2005 FPA World Championships
Seattle Washington
July 29, 2005

(top 4 in each pool to semifinal)

Pool A

1. Toddy Brodeur/Larry Imperiale/Paul Kenny (69.0)
2. Lorenzo Apriani/Bob Boulware/Rodney Sanchez (60.1)
3. Steve Hubbard/Fabio Sanna/Bill Wright (58.2)
4. Lori Daniels/Matt Hull/Mike Stoneking (46.5)
5. Dan Burke/Mike Galloupe/Neil Tolan (35.6)

Pool B

1. Arthur Coddington/Dave Lewis/Pat Marron (67.9)
2. Bob Coleman/Jeff O’Brien/Dan Yarnell (59.5)
3. Joakim Arveskär/Petri Isola/Stefan Karlsson (57.4)
4. Alan Caplin/Tim Mackey/Mark Regalbuti (51.0)

Pool C

1. Tom Leitner/Joel Rogers/Dave Schiller (66.6)
2. Clay Collera/Jan Soerensen/Lisa Hunrichs Silvey (58.9)
3. Jamie Chantiles/Rico Schneider/Z Weyand (52.5)
4. Eleonora Imazio/Dan Lustiger/Rick Sader (47.6)

Pool D

1. Jake Gauthier/Matt Gauthier/Randy Silvey (72.7)
2. Jeff Kruger/Pipo Lopez/Reto Zimmerman (63.8)
3. Craig Burris/Paul Smith/Dan Swanson (46.5)
4. Bob Morrissey/Steve Scannell/Craig Simon (44.0)

(top 4 to final)

1. Cindy Kruger/Lisa Hunrichs Silvey (63.3)
2. Lori Daniels/Carolyn Yabe (55.9)
3. Amy Bekken/Terry Bogenhagen (49.6)
4. Sarah Bergman/Mary Lowry (48.0)
5. Eleonora Imazio/Nikki Nicholson (35.6)

(top 4 in each pool to semifinal)

Pool A

1. Arthur Coddington/Dave Lewis (65.0)
2. Randy Silvey/Reto Zimmerman (61.1)
3. Joakim Arveskär/Stefan Karlsson (56.0)
4. Rob Knapik/Bill Wright (50.5)
5. Matt Hull/Mike Stoneking (48.7)
6. Bob Morrissey/Steve Scannell (48.2)
7. Dan Burke/Neil Tolan (35.7)

Pool B

1. Joel Rogers/Rodney Sanchez (65.8)
2. Larry Imperiale/Jeff Kruger (65.0)
3. Clay Collera/Fabio Sanna (63.2)
4. Dan Lustiger/Rick Sader (56.7)
5. Craig Burris/Dan Swanson (52.6)
6. Bob Boulware/Jan Soerensen (52.4)
7. Mike Galloupe/John Titcomb (51.6)

Pool C

1. Tom Leitner/Dave Schiller (70.4)
2. Jake Gauthier/Matt Gauthier (68.4)
3. Bob Coleman/Dan Yarnell (59.9)
4. Lorenzo Apriani/Mark Regalbuti (58.0)
5. Jamie Chantiles/Rico Schneider (57.1)
6. Steve Jennings/Z Weyand (49.2)

Pool D

1. Paul Kenny/Pipo Lopez (68.6)
2. Toddy Brodeur/Cindy Kruger (61.0)
3. Pat Marron/Paul Smith (58.6)
4. Alan Caplin/Petri Isola (56.9)
5. Carl Emerson/Jeff O’Brien (55.1)
6. Mike Hughes/Tim Mackey (52.9)


– A third round of co-op was added to accomodate the large number of entered teams (17). It has been at least 10 years since there were 3 round of co-op at an FPA Worlds.

– Paul Kenny and Pipo Lopez received 9.9’s in execution from all three judges. Is this the highest execution score ever?

– Jeff Kruger may have had the biggest move of the day. A double spinning aerial flamingo brush directly into a spinning gitis during the co-op prelim.

– Great news! Judy Robbins was able to jam after much uncertainty over her knee. Congratulations and welcome back to the jam, Judy!

ESPN TV Coverage of FPA World Championships

ESPN will be covering the FPA World Championships tomorrow (July 29) as part of Sportscenter’s 50 States/50 Days.

Today, they filmed the jams and interviewed Dave Lewis, Arthur Coddington, Dan Magallanes and Bill Wright. They will create a 90 second story that will run during Sportcenter tomorrow.

They tell us that the freestyle segment will air during the 3pm, 8pm and 10pm Sportscenters, then it will repeat overnight. Tune in!

Rankings: Pre-FPAW2005 Lists

As predicted, the pre-FPAW rankings lists (Open | Women) were almost as active as the July list.

Reasons For Upheaval

Specifically, three 2003 tournaments (Swedish Championships, Naragansett Jam and WDG/WFDF) expired and three new tournaments (NASS, Manresa and Super Hein) were added. Lot of points were lost, and lots of points were won.

Number One
Tom Leitner takes back the top spot, as predicted. Not only did he lose fewer 2003 points than Dave Lewis, Tom also solidified his point totals with top finishes at Manresa and Super Hein.

Top Ten
Fabio Sanna’s first taste of the top ten was fleeting. Super Hein champ Randy Silvey knocks him down to #11 on this list. Randy acquired more than 200 points (125 points for the win and a boatload of bonus points for beating 28 other top players) at Super Hein.

The Top 50
This time, the Top 50 is more relevant than the Top 100 because this rankings list will be used for seeding at the world championships. With some players (Jake Gauthier) coming off injuries and others (Dave Schiller) coming off breaks from competition, points added this month can have a big impact on the seeding in Seattle. Seeding wildcards are usually given to ultra-low ranked teams, so the closer a team can get to the seeding it deserves, the less the wildcards matter.

Z Weyand (#72) and Carl Dobson (#69) make big jumps into the top 100. Good news for Z; it should help him get a better seed at Worlds. Seattle native Mike Galloupe (#108) nips at the edges of the Top 100; maybe Worlds will help him climb even higher. Bob Boulware is up to #135. Carolyn Yabe jumps to #195 from outside the top 400; that’s what winning co-op at Manresa will do. Watch those guys at #267 and #269. that might be the lowest ranking you see fora long time from John and Joe of ukdiscstyle fame.

Women’s Ranking Upgrade
The women’s online list now features info on where each player was ranked on the previous list. I’d love to get some feedback from the women on the kind of rankings list that would work best for them.

2005 Super Hein: Randy Silvey Is Super Hein…Again

2005 Super Hein
Seaside, Oregon
July 23-24, 2005

Final Standings
(total score for Pairs, Mob Op and Big Move)

1. Randy Silvey (295.5 points)
2. Tommy Leitner (293.5)
3. Dave Schiller (290.5)
4. Matt Gauthier (289.5)
5T. Jake Gauthier (287.5)
5T. Joel Rogers (287.5)
7. Larry Imperiale (285.5)
8. Pipo Lopez (273.5)
9. Fabio Sanna (272.5)
10. Paul Kenny (270.5)
11. Rodney Sanchez (268.5)
12. Bob Boulware (266)
13. Jamie Chantiles (259)
14. Jeff Kruger (257.5)
15. Z Weyand (256.5)
16. Lisa Hunrichs Silvey (254)
17. Cindy Kruger (253)
18. Lorenzo Apriani (250)
19. Jan Soerensen (249)
20. Mark Regulbuti (243)
21. Mary Lowry (241)
22. Steve Scannell (237.5)
23. Mike Galloupe (237)
24. Eleonora Imazio (229)
25. John Titcomb (227)
26. Sara Bergman (225.5)
27T. Dan Burke (223.5)
27T. Neil (223.5)
29. Lori Daniels (163.5)

Big Moves: Double Spinning Roots

(avi video: 1.5mb – right click to save)

On a routine pass over the Adriatic, the Shrednow satellite picked up this video signal. Immediately, the mysterious footage, labeled simply File 2271, was urgently transmitted to our security headquarters for analysis. The conclusion: Matteo Gaddoni should board the next plane to Seattle to show his roots-catching skills.

2005 Manresa

2005 Manresa
Manresa State Beach
Santa Cruz, CA
July 17-18, 2005

Final Results: Co-op

1. Skippy Jammer/Tom Leitner/Carolyn Yabe (33.5 points)
2. Arthur Coddington/Clay Collera/Fabio Sanna (31.4)
3. Lorenzo Apriani/Mark Regalbuti/Jan Soerensen (25.7)
4. Jamie Chantiles/Mike Galloupe/Melissa Trail (24.5)
5. Carl Dobson/Doug Korns/Z Weyand (19.5)
6. Eleonora Imazio/Keith Kleiner/John O’Malley (13.8)

Final Results: Open Pairs

1. Skippy Jammer/Tom Leitner (34.8)
2. Arthur Coddington/Clay Collera (34.5)
3. Joel Rogers/Z Weyand (32.6)
4. Lorenzo Apriani/Jan Soerensen (29.5)
5. Jamie Chantiles/Carl Dobson (28.0)
6. Mark Regalbuti/Fabio Sanna (27.1)
7. Mike Galloupe/Melissa Trail (21.7)
8. Eleonora Imazio/Doug Korns (13.7)
9. Dan Burke/Alessandro Collera (9.3)

Open Co-op Notes

– The bonus moves were Gitis, Roll To Partner and Cuff To Partner. These were scored from 1 to 5.

– The super bonus moves were a Scarecrow Brush, a Spinning Catch and a Turnover To Partner. These were scored either 0 or 5. All or nothing.

– I didn’t see the winning routine (I was warming up to play after them), but I heard they almost went dropless. From the cheers, they must have hit a ton of big moves.

– Johnny O’Malley could have gone ballistic with a few more clock throws. His partners were counter, and he graciously played almost the entire routine counter. We saw a few glimpses of his big air brushing game. It was beautiful to see him put ego second to the performances of his team. An example to us all.

Open Pairs Notes

– The bonus moves were Gitis, Roll To Partner and Cuff To Partner. These were scored from 1 to 5.

– The super bonus moves were a Scarecrow Brush, a Spinning Catch and a water catch. These were scored either 0 or 5. All or nothing.

– Points were close between the top two teams. Neither team hit big. Skippy Jammer and Tommy Leitner had a great start with smooth and flowing skid passes and multiple spinning catches from Tommy. Once the disc got wet and sandy, they lost their momentum. Arthur Coddington and Clay Collera had some momentum until they both caught water catches a third of the way into their six minutes. After that, they carried around what felt like 20 extra pounds of water in their clothes and didn’t quite have the pep they wanted.

– How powerful is a triple spinning gitis? Powerful enough to move Joel Rogers and Z Weyand into the top 3. In the last minute of their time, Joel fired off a very casual triple spinning gitis. Until then, they had scored pretty standard gitis bonus points. Joel’s move may have raised their score over Lorenzo Apriani/Jan Soerensen.

– The random draw didn’t like Lorenzo Apriani and Jan Soerensen. They drew the first playing position both days.

– Alessandro “Sleepy Jammer” Collera made his United States competitive debut. He was on fire for the first minute of his jam with Dan Burke. Ale hit a huge, definitive Scarecrow and nailed combo after combo until the sand took over their disc.

– Fabio Sanna did two standing gitis pulls; almost every catch had at least two spins.

– Jamie Chantiles and Carl Dobson were on the hunt for a solid gitis for their whole six minutes but didn’t hit the triples they wanted.

– Despite cackles from certain male freestylers, Eleonora retained her dignity and did not go for a water catch. She left that duty to Doug Korns.