Bailey/Sullivan Win Beach Bowl 2004

Beach Bowl 2004
Malibu, CA
August 27, 2004


1. Dave Bailey/Danny Sullivan
2. Joel Rogers/Jamie Chantilles
3. Dave Schiller/Shayne Sobel
4. Z Weyand/Diego Gamboa

NOTE: Dave Lewis injured his leg (hamstring pull) before the pairs competition and could not participate. Get well soon, Dave.

New Feature: Your Own Photo Gallery On Shrednow

I set up a photo gallery for everyone to play with: Group Show #1. It’s kind of like a group art show at a gallery – lots of artists showing their work in one place. Any logged-in member can add photos and caption them. If you don’t have a member account yet, it’s easy to set one up and it’s totally free. Have fun playing with it!

If you would like your own free photo album on shrednow, let me know and I’ll set one up for you. Make sure to include your username and a name for your gallery.

As soon as I figure out a bug in the photo program, everyone who is logged in will be able to set up their own photo albums.

You can upload image files as big as 150k to an album, and the site will automatically resize them into Shrednow-sized images and thumbnails for you and arrange them on a page. You can add captions and invite visitors to comment on photos and vote on the images they like the best. You can leave the settings as they are or do make lots of customized choices.

If you have always wanted to write a Shrednow story with pictures in it, having your photos on Shrednow will make that very easy. As always, contact me if you have any questions about how to do stuff.

I set up a small photo gallery of some of my FPAW2004 pictures.

The Weight Of Execution

It’s only one year I take part in freestyle tournament, and I’ve to say that in every occasion I have learnt something more about style, about way of playing and, of course, about judging. The first category I had to judge, at my first tournament, was execution. Fortunately that’s not so difficult. After at Paganello I had to judge difficulty for the first time, and at this last FPA I had the occasion to judge Artistic impression more than once, so now I think I have understood a bit of every category, so I can give my opinion.

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Talk About It: Comment Without Logging In

I would love to see more conversation happening in Shrednow’s comments, so as an experiment you can now leave comments without being logged into a site account. It’s possible I will have to go back to the old setting if Shrednow receives a lot of comment spam (it’s a new spam problem – you don’t want to know), but we’ll try it this way until there’s a problem.

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Over in the sport of footbag freestyle, the women have banded together to promote the progression of their side of the sport. The result:, devoted to women’s results and the latest big tricks achieved by women shredders. Could a movement like Shreditas expand women’s participation in disc freestyle?

The Weight Of Difficulty/Il ìPesoî Della Difficolta’

For the English translation: Click READ MORE from the homepage, or scroll to the end of the article page.)

L’attuale metodo di giudizio FPA presuppone 3 categorie definite:

Difficoltá – Esecuzione- Impressione Artistica. Ad ogni categoria viene assegnato il medesimo punteggio 0/10, su cui i giudici devono determinare la propria votazione.

Comincerei l’analisi proprio da questo punto. Pur riconoscendo per prima l’assoluta valenza e completezza del freestyle rispetto ad altre discipline, per la parte artistica dello sport, l’eleganza, la scelta delle musiche, ecc. resta comunque indiscutibile il fatto che la vera differenza la faccia la parte ìdifficoltáî. Non amo le competizioni ìshredî, perché tolgono parte del fascino al freestyle, e riducono pertanto la parte emozionale degli esercizi, la scelta del particolare, delle co.op, dell’esercizio articolato e che diventa un tutt’uno con la musica. Ma ritengo che la difficoltá debba avere, in una gara, un valore aggiunto rispetto al resto.

Pertanto, la prima cosa che cambierei Ë il ìpesoî del punteggio ìdifficoltáî rispetto alle altre categorie. Potrebbe essere un 50% di valore difficoltá e 50% le altre categorie.

Analizzando i fattori, ci si rende subito conto che, effettivamente, lasciando il 33,33% di peso ad ogni categoria, un esercizio ìpulitoî, senza errori e con un livello medio di difficoltá vince su un esercizio pulito, con un errore ma con un livello di difficoltá altissimo. CiÚ, in termini puramente teorici, puÚ spingere un team a ìstabilizzareî il proprio livello di difficoltá e non spingersi oltre, non rischiare molto. In sintesi, a crescere in maniera molto limitata.

Ma se si ritiene il freestyle uno sport, bene, allora sportivamente non Ë con la sola esecuzione ed impressione artistica che si puÚ vincere, ma con la completezza del proprio percorso di crescita nell’ambito della complessitá degli esercizi.
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Offseason 2004: Let’s Talk About Judging

Now that the summer freestyle season is winding down, let’s trade ideas about how to be better judges at competitions.

Have you ever judged a competition and been dissatisfied with the marks you handed to the head judge? Have you ever felt the marks you got from the judges didn’t match up to what you did on the field? Have you been asked to judge but not felt qualified? Ever wonder what we would measure if we wanted to certify judges? Ever had an obscure question about the judging system and didn’t know who to ask? Have ideas about better ways to do things? This is a place to address these issues and talk about all aspects of judging.

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There has been a big buzz recently about Wham-O’s renewed interest in the sports side of Frisbee. Wham-O has just launched a new website just for Frisbee – Until this website, Frisbee was only a small part of the main Wham-O site and was a bit hemmed in by Wham-O’s toy image. seems to give Wham-O more freedom to promote Frisbee as the edgy, athletic activity it is. The site showcases not only the redesigned Frisbee line and improved brand imagery, but also the disc sports we love. Looks good.