2005 Wisconsin States

2005 Wisconsin States
Elver and Hiestand Parks
Madison, WI
August 13-14, 2005

1. Steve Jennings/Pat Marron
2. Dave Bolyard/Rodney Sanchez
3. Bethany Sanchez/Rico Schneider
4. Mike Hughes/Brad Wendt
5. John Elsner/Andy Lemann
6. Duster Hoffman/Don Hunkel
7. Chris Sieben/Mike Danomie


1. Bethany Sanchez
2. Barrett White
3. Karen Wendt


1. Andrew Van Lanen

Getting The Media To Care

The Press & Sun Bulletin in Binghamton, New York published a profile of me today. Any news story would be a cause for celebration, and the timing of this one was a nice surprise – it was published on my birthday.

This article is particularly significant for another reason. For years, my father called the sports section of the paper to let them know about my accomplishments. Now, this is a small city that creates virtually no national or international sports news. Occasionally there will be an Olympian, and that will be well-covered. But, the sports department was blunt in telling my father that freestyle was not a sport, so who cares about Arthur’s world titles.

Enter ESPN. The day the ESPN story was broadcast, the sports department called me for a story. Coincidence? The important thing is that they get it now. A sports writer did the story. It was more than a quick, one paragraph note. They sought out other interviews (Dave Lewis) and tournament imagery (they went with a photo from a shoot I did in their offices about two years ago). They treated the topic with interest and they treated me with respect, and I appreciate that.

But, these type of situations happen for all of us. The local media many times will give extended coverage to activities like a bowling league (legitimate sport but local importance, and not a championship) instead of telling the community about a “local boy/girl who did good,” someone who made their mark on the world stage. That’s really one of freestyle’s biggest challenges. To create stories that are compelling enough that any editor will get it and want to carve out square inches for us.

The sports knowledge of reporters is what it is – usually profound understanding of a very limited range of sports – and we won’t change that. Our responsibility is to make ourselves interesting enough to them, if we want media coverage. In this case, ESPN did the job for me. Usually, it’s up to us.

Let’s take the recent World Championships. Dave Schiller and Tom Leitner won Open Pairs. That’s not a strong media story, because most sports fans aren’t following the Open Pairs race. A better story? That Dave Schiller and Tom Leitner were the first team to sweep the pro divisions of the worlds since 2001. Better yet? That Dave Schiller and Tom Leitner were the first team to win with a perfect (dropless) performance since 1997. Even better? That Dave Schiller was the first player to sweep all three divisions and have a perfect day since 1987. Possibly even better? That little Brady Schiller watched his mom and dad win a world title and watched his dad achieve a once-in-a-lifetime feat. There are hundreds of other angles with which to tell th story, but it’s essential to tell the story in a way that grabs the editor’s attention.

You can read the article online for the next few days. After that, read it as a pdf (280k) or text file (12k).

Shrednow: The “Freestyle Square”

In Italy the "square" is the place where people stay together, speak, see friends, walk, (play frisbee too, when there aren’t Policemen near…)

The square is the "center" of the social-life, not only of the town.

Shrednow is the same, for freestylers. With it, we have the opportunity to know all about our sport: tournaments, results, ranking, news. The young players can ask information about exercises, and know the "secret" about good routines too.

Shrednow it’s the 1∞"site" of italian freestylers: Arthur and Luca Gagliardi had worked a lot for us, with traslations, to give us the opportunity to speake, add story, have a "place" in common, in our language.

The 12 july the 300∞ members had registered, and a lot of persons no-members read normally Shrednow. More of 300 articles, videos, photos, funny and serious "vote", make of this site one of more intresting in the "freestyle – site – world".

Shrednow have another "special thing" make it famous and loved: all people can have information about tournements and results, after few time. Example: FPA 2005: people dont was in World Championship knew results immediatly, after only 2 or 3 hours after competition: a great work, that make more "near" freestylers.

Shrednow is that and more. It’s interattive, it give the possibility to ask, to "connect" with other people, to make discussion about freestyle, ranking, ecc.

It’s our "square", the place where we can stay together, and know all the news about our plastic world.

Shrednow is Arthur’s son. I think is nice today tell "thank you" to him, that work hard for our "square", and to give us one place where stay together…

ehi, grazie, "old young man"!


2005 Narragansett/Rhode Island Jam

2005 Narragansett/Rhode Island Jam
Narragansett Common by The Sea
Narragansett, RI
August 6, 2005


1. Rob Fried/Petri Isola (28 votes)
2. Carl Emerson/Gary Auerbach (35)
3. Rick Williams/Steve Scannell (62)
4. Doug Simon/Joey Hudoklin (71)
5. Nicki Nicholson/Toddy Brodeur (86)
6. Ryan Vinoski/Steve Vinoski (92)
7. Ted Oberhaus/Tom Robidoux (99)
8 Brad Keller/Donny Baker (112)
9. Anne Goh/Mark Ide (146)
10 Jill Simon/Lou Sumrall (159)

90 Second Individual

1. Ted Oberhaus (8.8)
2. Rob Fried (8.7)
3. Rick Williams (8.5)
4. Doug Simon (8.1)
5 Petri Isola (8.0)
6. Gary Auerbach (7.7)
7T. Toddy Brodeur (7.6)
7T. Brad Keller (7.6)
9. Ryan Vinoski (6.7)
10T. Carl Emerson (6.6)
10T. Donny Baker (6.6)
12. Steve Vinoski (6.5)
13. Steve Scannell (6.3)
14. Mark Ide (6.2)
15. Chris DePaola (6.1) 5
16. Joey Hudoklin (5.8) 4
17. Tom Robidoux (5.3)
18. Lou Sumrall (5.1)
19. Anne Goh (4.5)

2005 Swedish Championships

2005 Swedish Championships
Uppsala, Sweden
August 5-6, 2005

1. Stefan Karlsson/Joakim Arveskär
2. Andreas Jaderyd/Thomas Burvall
3. Dieter Johansson/Niklas Bergehamn
4. Christian Sandström/Roland Karlsson

5. Jonas Bengtsson/Fredric Celinder
6. Jonathan Brandberg/Mattias Sandkvist
7. Victor Grundström/Oscar Grundström

Happy 10th Birthday, Frisbee.com

Ten years ago today, Tom Leitner launched frisbee.com. It was a smart move for him to reserve the domain for use by disc athletes before corporate interests realized how valuable it could be.

Frisbee.com was the first and most important freestyle website, gathering together historical data on tournaments, providing locations for jams and jammers and keeping the sport updated while we all caught up technologically. Over the years, Tom has fended off the occasional challenge to the ownership of the frisbee.com domain and luckily for us, his enthusiasm for the project has continued. Ten years later, there are dozens of freestyle websites, each with its own personality, each with a specialty, but almost all of them were inspired by one common ancestor – frisbee.com.

Happy 10th birthday, frisbee.com.