Karlsruhe Klotzen statt Glotzen

Klotzen statt Glotzen
Karlsruhe, Germany
May 15-16, 2010

1. Florian Hess/Christian Lamred 67,0
2. Mehrdad Hosseinian/Alexander Leist 60,0
3. Heiko Vogt/Robert Dittrich 55,5
4. Judith Haas/Lina Bˆdecker 46,0
5. Dominique Weiflenberger/Jacqueline Hummel (GER) 36,0

Tournament Report (German language)
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Howdy all, Leak here. Don’t know that this is
the best place for this. I’m saying HI, and
hoping to catch the eye of any of my old pards
from Santa Barbara in the late 70’s, early 80s

I was looking thru my old Andy Tate calender
that showed Chip Bell, Jeff Soto, & myself
pulling off the “TRIPLE GITUS”, on the lawn
across from the Mission Santa Barbara.

That got me thinking about Joey & Ritchie,
all our great jams at PALM PARK. As they can
tell ya’, I could pop the zzzz’s, clock or

Main thing is, I want to hook up with any
and all freestylers, whether, you remember
my obnoxius self or not I’d luv to yak..
my email is rieck55@gmail.com

2010 Bibione Bahia

2010 Bibione Bahia
May 1-2, 2010


1. Manuel Cesari – Clay Collera
2. Fabio Sanna – Claudio Cigna
3. Antonio Cusma – Matteo Feller
4. Andrea Arfilli – Andrea Dini
5. Emanuele Faustini – Matteo Gaddoni

Semifinal Pool A

1. Fabio Sanna – Claudio Cigna
2. Antonio Cusma – Matteo Feller
3. Marco Prati – Giovanni Coppo
4. Andrea Sarti – Luca Medri
5. Eleonora Imazio – Gloria Alessandrini

Semifinal Pool B

1. Manuel Cesari – Clay Collera
2T. Andrea Dini – Andrea Arfilli
2T. Matteo Gaddoni – Emanuele Faustini
4. Sergio Arrighi – Valerio Occorsio

Brush Race: Manuel Cesari

Spirit of the Jam: Antonio Cusma

123 Four Seasons Hat Tournament: Spring 2010 Edition

123 Four Seasons Hat Tournament (Edition Spring 2010):
Berlin, Germany
May 1, 2010

1) Dani Sorgatz/Jan Schreck
2) Jens Friebe/Sascha Hoehne
3) Harry Skomroch/Graf Mˆrdi
4) Bibi Strunz/Anton Capellmann
5) Stefan "St¸ngl" /Makki Hein
6) Kolja Hannemann/Marc Pestotnic

Semi Pool A
1) Kolja Hannemann/Marc Pestotnic
2) Bibi Strunz/Anton Capellmann
3) Stefan "St¸ngl" /Makki Hein
4) Woo Wunder/Bart from Amsterdam
5) Waldemar "Waldi"/Jakub "Mystique"
6) Kristina Cahojova/Peter from Amsterdam

Semi Pool B
1) Dani Sorgatz/Jan Schreck
2) Harry Skomroch/Graf Mˆrdi
3) Jens Friebe/Sascha Hoehne
4) Thomas Noetzel/Pavel Baranyk
5) Philipp "Sleepy" Lenarz/Tobias "Canonee" Burzan
6) Philipp "Pille" Maubach/Jason "Rooney" McGlade