Torneo del Cappello 2008

Torneo del Cappello 2008
Corallo Beach Ostia
Roma, Italy
April 25, 2008

1. Alessandro “Doccetta” Damiano/Marco “Zecca” De Lucia (83.1 points)
2. Fabrizio “Folle” De Rossi/Lorenzo “Atuttogas” Apriani †(82.1)
3. Fabiana “Ciucci” Ciciriello/Angelo “Zoom” Mancarella (81.8)
4. Francesca “Dulcisinfundo” Iasenzio/Tom “Lighting” Leitner (76.9)
5. Mauro “Pankettone” Mercuri/Alessandro “Ale” Berra (76.0)
6. Edoardo “Paperino” Favorini/Paolo “Rastacippo” Cipolloni† (74.9)
7. Fernando “Yoghy” Botrugno/Francesca “Frappa” Cherici (67.3)
8. Luca “Moxie” Mazzuccato/†Paolo “Pibbi” Braico (65.3)
9. Claudio “Cicala” Pietrarelli/Ramon “Razzle” Galliani†
10.Serge “Salentino” Marconi†/Paolo “Cobra” Mirabelli
11.Ilaria “Manager” Capobianco/Andrea “Raimondo Rimello” Rimatori
12.Raffaele “Shraf” Pilla/Claudio “Marana” Massaro

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Berliner 4 Seasons Hat Tournament – Spring 2008

Berliner 4 Seasons Hat Tournament (Edition: Spring 2008)
Berlin, Germany
April 20, 2008

1. Fabio Caruso / Markus Hein
2. Anton Capellmann / Daniel Sorgatz
3. Jan " Mahoni" Zahradnicek / Kolja Hannemann
4. Jiri Weiss / Marc Pestotnik
5. Jason McGlade / Jan Schreck
6. Sascha Höhne / Jan "Dexter" Struz
7. Pavel Baranyk / Jörg "Woo" Wunder
8. Jan Soerenson / Robert Dittrich
9. Bianca "Bibi" Strunz / Jakub Matula
10. Max Schmidt / Philipp Stahl

2008 Virginia States Results

2008 Virginia States
Fredericksberg, VA
April 12-13, 2008

1. Randy Silvey, Dave Lewis, Pat Marron
2. Toddy Brodeur, Dan Yarnell
3. Harvey Brandt, Rick Sader, Jeff O’Brien
4. Rob Fried, Doug E. Fresh, Roger Meier
5. Dale Crawford, Phil Cappa
6. Joey Hudoklin, Lou Sumrall, Jonathan Willett
7. Tom Lasher, Jay Modenhower
8. Bethany Sanchez, Alan Caplin

Semifinal Pool A
1. Rob Fried, Doug E. Fresh, Roger Meier
2. Dale Crawford, Phil Cappa
3. Joey Hudoklin, Lou Sumrall, Jonathan Willett
4. Bethany Sanchez, Alan Caplin
5. Pat Rabdau, Bruce Page
6. Mark Horn, Chris Horn

Semifinal Pool B
1. Randy Silvey, Dave Lewis, Pat Marron
2. Toddy Brodeur, Dan Yarnell
3. Harvey Brandt, Rick Sader, Jeff O’Brien
4. Tom Lasher, Jay Modenhower
5. Ronnie Turner, Bryan Steffen, Rob Knapik

And some photos from VA States (thanks to Scott Holter for the link).

Updating The Competition Manual

Since 2006, the size of the FPA Worlds has exceeded the competition capacity of the current Competition Manual. Therefore, the FPA Board has begun updating the Competition Manual to better support our larger player base. his work does not include any changes to the judging system itself, only the sections guiding tournament directors in running events and eventually, a possible refresh of what is expected from players.

Revisions are being approved on a section-by-section basis so the new guidelines can be used at FPAW this summer. The first approved section is Event Progressions. This section defines how many rounds of competition there are, how many teams in each pool, etc.

The main changes include more rounds of competition with new names. Instead of four possible rounds (Qualifier, Preliminary, Semifinal and Final), we now have five (Qualification, Preliminary, Quarterfinal, Semifinal and Final), and the Manual outlines how many teams are required for the addition of a new round of competition.

Our next step is to build FPAW competition schedules from these Event Progressions, then look at whether any other sections are in need of updates.

Here is a pdf of the new Event Progressions section.

The FPA Board is interested in translating the new Competition Manual sections to other languages. If you are interested in doing that, please contact me.

DiscCast Extra: Joey Hudoklin Interview

DiscCast Extra:
Joey Hudoklin Interview


A real treat is in store for all in the latest DiscCast
ExtraÖ We have an interview with ëThe Legendí himself Joey Hudoklin. As
you’ll all know, Joey was in Europe for Paganello last week, and with all the
excitement still in the air following his visit, we felt now was the ideal time
to release this interview. While at Paganello, Joey spoke to John about how his
career began, its many highlights (including Team Bud Light and his first World
title in 1979) and also discusses his views on the freestyle scene in Europe.

Episode InformationÖ.

Length: 26mins 42secs

File size: 18.3MB

To download our interview with Joey, use the link above,
or find/subscribe to the podcast on the iTunes podcast directory. (Click HERE
to get iTunes) This episode is also available on Podcast

Please do give us some feedback on the show – we’re eager
to hear from you! Contact us at
or discuss the podcast on the FPA


and Joe

2008 Frisbee Freestyle Masters – Results

2008 Frisbee Freestyle Masters
Dortmund, Germany
March 15-16, 2008

Open Pairs Finals

1. Florian Hess/Christian Lamred (21.26)
2. Philipp Lenarz/Fabio Caruso (20.15)
3. Carsten Heim/Heiko Vogt (18.13)
4. Mehrdad Hosseinian/Stafan Duenkel (17.94)
5. Robert Dittrich/Jens Friebe (16.78)
6. Harald Skomroch/Marc Pestotnik (13.49)

Open Co-op Finals

1. Florian Hess/Christian Lamred/Carsten Heim (19.66)
2. Philipp Lenarz/Fabio Caruso/Marc Pestotnik (16.32)
3. Mehrdad Hosseinian/Stefan Duenkel/Heiko Vogt (15.61)
4. Harald Skomroch/Robert Dittrich/Jens Friebe (13.63)

Open Pairs Semi-Finals Pool-A

1. Florian Hess/Christian Lamred (21.02)
2. Robert Dittrich/Jens Friebe (16.34)
3. Mehrdad Hosseinian/Stefan Duenkel (16.18)
4. Ilka Simon/Jascha Wollmann (13.10)

Open Pairs Semi-Finals Pool-B

1. Philipp Lenarz/Fabio Caruso (19.42)
2. Carsten Heim/Heiko Vogt (19.03)
3. Harald Skomroch/Marc Pestotnik (12.27)
4. Holger Hill/Andrew Quinn (11.69)

Open Co-op Semi-Finals Pool-A

1. Philipp Lenarz/Fabio Caruso/Marc Pestotnik (17.12)
2. Mehrdad Hosseinian/Stefan Duenkel/Heiko Vogt (14.72)
3. Ilka Simon/Frank Lejeune/Michel Otte (10.11)

Open Co-op Semi-Finals Pool-B

1. Florian Hess/Christian Lamred/Carsten Heim (20.22)
2. Harald Skomroch/Robert Dittrich/Jens Friebe (15.13)
3. Holger Hill/Andrew Quinn/Jascha Wollmann (11.16)

Open Pairs Prelim 2
(second chance for semi-finals)

1. Holger Hill/Andrew Quinn (14.29)
2. Ilka Simon/Jascha Wollmann (13.91)
3. Marc Pestotnik/Andre Hillmann (12.90)
4. Frank Lejeune/Michel Otte (12.57)

Open Pairs Prelim Pool-A

1. Carsten Heim/Heiko Vogt (18.39)
2. Mehrdad Hosseinian/Stefan Duenkel (18.12)
3. Harald Skomroch/Enrique Faria (16.18)
4. Ilka Simon/Jascha Wollmann (15.83)
5. Frank Lejeune/Michel Otte (12.38)

Open Pairs Prelim Pool-B

1. Florian Hess/Christian Lamred (21.82)
2. Philipp Lenarz/Fabio Caruso (18.90)
3. Robert Dittrich/Jens Friebe (16.72)
4. Holger Hill/Andrew Quinn (15.42)
5. Marc Pestotnik/Andre Hillmann (12.64)

Utter Mastery

Fabio Sanna got into the zone in the semis of pairs at Paganello and hit huge moves with such mastery that they looked standard. Keep in mind that Tommy’s playing well in this round too, but Fabio keeps upping the ante. Double spinning arvon. Bad attitude hold directly into invert, then skid, leading to a double spinning barrel gitis. Double spinning skid. Flamingitises. Playing both spins. With no wind to help him out. They didn’t win the round, but Fabio’s 4 minutes might have been the performance of the tournament.