2010 Frisbeer Cup Results

2010 Frisbeer Cup
Prague, Czech Republic
February 12-14, 2010

Open Pairs Final

1.Claudio Cigna/Fabio Sanna 45.60
2.Randy Silvey/Paul Kenny 44.50
3.Pavel Baranyk/Jake Gauthier 43.30
4.Balu Major/Gery Nemeth 42.80
5.Andrea Meola/Antonio Cusma Piccione 39.90
6.Manuel Cesari/Clay Collera 39.50
7.Florian Hess/Matteo Gaddoni 38.80
8.Bianca Strunz/Sascha Scherzinger 37.10
9.Jan Zahradnicek/Jiri Weiss 34.20

Mixed Pairs Final
1. Eleonora Imazio/Fabio Sanna 39.40
2. Irena Kuliöanov·/Randy Silvey 38.48
3. Kateřina Pleskotov·/Claudio Cigna 38.00
4. Judith Haas/Florian Hess 36.10
5. Ilka Simon/Marco Prati 35.58
6. Alena Vojtekov·/Steve The Beast Hays 28.78

Coop Final
1. Kenny/Gauthier/Gaddoni/45.66
2. Sanna/Leitner/Nemeth/42.22
3. Hess/Prati/Collera/41.28
4. Cigna/Baranyk/Major/40.84
5. Scherzinger/Capellmann/Cesari 37.80
6. Silvey/Meola/Cusma Piccione/37.54
7. Kostel/Hays/Marconi 35.66
8. Hosseinian/Skomroch/Pestotnik 35.10

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DiscCast Extra: Lori Daniels Interview

Hello all!

The last in a series of Winter treats from the DiscCast team, we are proud to serve up an epic interview with new FPA Executive Director Lori Daniels. We chat to Lori about her long fascinating career, her recent flood of achievements, some upcoming plans and much more.


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Length: 1hour 3mins
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