Flippy Guy Shows his Vision of Freestyle at FPAW2013

Most people have never seen Michael Clarke freestyle. His style is unforgettable and a distant offshoot of the popular approach to freestyle we see most often. Rather than basing itself on a traditionally-spinning disc or even the nail delay, Clarke’s style is based on third world spin. In Clarke’s freestyle, the disc spins by flipping end over end. It’s an amazing, hypnotic sight. The freestyle community hasn’t seen him in a while, and we remembered him by his flippy disc style. His myth grew to the point where he became known only as Flippy Guy. Imagine the thrill when he visited last week’s FPA World Championships in Santa Cruz. We were even more lucky when he agreed to move off the sidelines and do a demo on the main competitive field.

2013 FPA World Championships – Final Results

Matt Gauthier, Lisa Hunrichs and Arthur Coddington all scored double wins on the final day of the 2013 FPA World Championships in Santa Cruz, California. The champions:

Women’s Pairs: Lisa Hunrichs/Cindy St. Mary
Open Pairs: Arthur Coddington/Jake Gauthier
Mixed Pairs: Lisa Hunrichs/Matt Gauthier
Open Co-op: Arthur Coddington/Matt Gauthier/Dave Murphy

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2013 FPA World Championships – Day 3 Results

The finalists in Open Co-op, Women’s Pairs and Open Pairs were determined on the third ay of the 2013 FPA World Championships in Santa Cruz, California.

The winners of the semifinal pools in Open Co-op were Larry Imperiale/Randy Silvey/Bill Wright and Jake Gauthier/Paul Kenny/Jeff O’Brien. Lisa Hunrichs/Cindy St. Mary qualified first for the Women’s Pairs Final. The winners of the semifinal pools in Open Pairs were Claudio Cigna/Marco Prati and Matt Gauthier/James Wiseman. Complete results are below.

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2013 FPA World Championships – Day 2 Results

The mixed pairs finalists at the 2013 FPA World Championships are set, led by Amy Schiller/Dave Schiller and Irena Kulisanova/Randy Silvey. The Open Pairs even also kicked off with the quarterfinals. Pool winners included Claudio Cigna/Marco Prati, Joakim Arveskär/Reto Zimmerman, Clay Collera/Andrea Dini and Arthur Coddington/Jake Gauthier. Complete results below.
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2013 FPA World Championships – Day 1 Results

2013 FPA World Championships
August 15, 2013
Santa Cruz, CA

(Top 4 teams advance to the semifinals)

Pool A

1. Tom Leitner/Mike Reid/Dave Schiller (64.3: E 25.6; AI 21.3; D 17.4) [video]
2. Manuel Cesari/Claudio Cigna/Marco Prati (60.7: E 25.5; AI 18.6; D 16.6) [video]
3. Lisa Hunrichs/Rodney Sanchez/Jonathan Willett (53.1: E 22.9; AI 17.2; D 13.0)
4. Ryuichi Suzuki/John Titcomb/Alfonso Velez (44.9: E 21.9; AI 12.3; D 10.7) [video]
5. Alessandro Berra/Dario Marioni/Lorenzo Modaraelli (31.2: E 15.1; AI 7.5; D 8.6) [video]

Pool B

1. Larry Imperiale/Randy Silvey/Bill Wright (60.4: E 24.4; AI 15.2; D 20.8) [video]
2. Mike Galloupe/Pat Marron/Rico Schneider (59.6: E 25.8; AI 13.9; D 19.9) [video]
3. Mehrdad Houssanian/Daniel O’Neill/Joel Rogers (59.6: E 25.1; AI 14.9; D 19.6) [video]
4. Lori Daniels/Tony Pellicane/Cindy St. Mary (54.7: E 23.2; AI 13.6; D 17.9) [video]
5. Danny Cameranesi/Z Weyand/Dave Zeff (53.7: E 23.2; AI 13.6; D 16.9) [video]

Pool C

1. Joakim Arveskär/Clay Collera/Reto Zimmerman (68.6: E 26.5; AI 25.2; D 16.9) [video]
2. Rainer Doerr/Matteo Feller/Andrea Meola (64.0: E 28.2; AI 19.9; D 15.9) [video]
3. James Wiseman/Dan Yarnell/Ryan Young (56.8: E 22.4; AI 18.2; D 16.2) [video]
4. Toddy Brodeur/Robert Dittrich/Jens Friebe (54.4: E 22.1; AI 18.4; D 13.9) [video]
5. Carl Dobson/Jens Velasquez/Scott Weaver (51.9: E 21.7; AI 15.9; D 14.3) [video]

Pool D

1. Arthur Coddington/Matt Gauthier/Dave Murphy (71.1: E 27.3; AI 22.0; D 21.8) [video]
2. Jake Gauthier/Paul Kenny/Jeff O’Brien (64.4: E 25.0; AI 19.3; D 20.1) [video]
3. Alan Caplin/Dan Lustiger/Johnny Trevino (52.7: E 24.2; AI 12.1; D 16.4) [video]
4. Irena Kulisanova/Mary Lowery/Char Powell (49.9: E 22.6; AI 13.0; D 14.3) [video]
5. Dan Schmitt/Craig Simon/Rick Williams (44.8: E 20.2; AI 10.8; D 13.8) [video]]
6. Geary Geare/Jay Hinkle/Charles Logan (38.6: E 14.7; AI 10.5; D 13.4) [video]

2013 Japan Overall Championship

2013 Japan Overall Championship
July 18-20th,2013

Open Pairs
1. Takeru Okamura/Yujiro Suzuki
2. Tomoyuki Katakura/Ryuichi Suzuki
3. Hiroshi Yokota/Shori Ouchi
4. Kimitoshi Murakami/Yohei Inoue
5. Daisuke Kuroda/Masatoshi Ishihara

Challenge Category
Kijo Yamashiro/Satoru Kondo
Mayumi Suzuki/Ryuichi Suzuki