Hi everyone!

After a huge amount of work, Iím glad to send all the jammers of the world the official invitation to:


Ist international frisbee freestyle tournament, San Lazzaro di Savena (BOLOGNA)

The greatest part of you probably knows everything about our project, but for those who didnít have the chance to talk with me or AlÏ hereís a summary of what itís all aboutÖ

The tournament will take place in a football field in the Parco della Resistenza in San Lazzaro di Savena, but if the weather will be bad, weíll have the possibility to play indoor in the Sport Center. The tournament will last two days and will include both OPEN and COOP divisions. There will be a party with a musical surprise and you will receive different funny gadgets offered by Twister Hills Bologna with the help of our large number of sponsors.

The fee to participate is 15Ä, a symbolic contribution to our association because I can assure you that what you will receive will be largely more than your fee value.

We didnít know whether we wanted to introduce a participation fee or not, but I think this is one of the few incomes that our association can have and since we are only a few people and weíll need the help of other people too, the participation fee will allow us to have some extra services.

Iím sure you will understand my point and Iíd like to remember you the web site where you can find all the information, our debated VIDEO, the official Frisbee of the event, etc.:


We sincerely hope to see you all and I believe that only seeing you happy and satisfied after our event will repay all of our ìeffortsî. Our dream is to share two days with the people who inhabit this ìstrange but fantastic worldî and, only together with you, we can make ìour worldî a little bit more visible.

I hug you all and ask you to send me your confirmation of participation so that I can organize the sleeping places: they are all free but those who send their confirmation late will have to sleep in tents.

See you soon and thanks!


How do the pros stay fit?

Other than jamming, which I have found to be pretty demanding on this old bod, how do the pros prepare for the unique rigors of our sport?
I think it would be useful for many of us to learn about athletes’ stretching and strengthening routines, in particular.
I’m all for swelling the freestyling ranks and would like to remain in them for as long as possible.
Thanks in advance for your help!

World Gitis Day

The inaugural World Gitis Day will happen on May 20 2007. Everyone who can is requested to gitis on this day between 4-5 pm in your local time zone. You still qualify as a participant if you gitis this day outside these times if necessary. Keeping it between 4-5 pm local time is for the communal spirit of our freestyle world coming together when the sun is at the approximately same point in the sky for each of us.

It is requested everyone who can to take a photo or short video (something in size that can be transmitted) and submit with the names in the photos/videos to me via shrednow or e-mail for a youtube photo/video montage.

Make this an exciting day and know your freestyle family is with you!!

2000 FPAW – Open Pairs Champions

Randy Silvey & Dan Yarnell each got their second FPA Worlds Open Pairs title with this performance. Randy’s first came in 1997 with Dave Schiller. Dan’s actually in 1999 with Steve Hanes, making Dan only the second person in history to defend an Open Pairs title with a different teammate.

Torneo del Cappello 2007

Torneo del Cappello 2007
April 15, 2007
Corallo Beach Ostia
Roma, Italy


1. Francesca Cherici/Alessandro Damiano (19.0)
2. Roberto Pizzi/Edoardo Favorini (18.8)
3. Fabrizio De Rossi/Lorenzo Apriani (18.7)
4. Raffaele Pilla/Paolo Mirabelli (18.3)
5. Paolo Braico/Fernando Botrugno (17.8)
6. Fabiana Ciciriello/Andrea Rimatori (16.8)
7. Marco De Lucia/Mauro Mercuri
8. Fabrizio Valenti/Luca "Moxie" Mazzuccato†
9. Claudio Pietrarelli/Claudio Massaro
10. Francesca Iasenzio/Serge Marconi

Girone A
1. Francesca Cherici/Alessandro Damiano (18.5)
2. Fabiana Ciciriello/Andrea Rimatori (18.0)
3. Fabrizio De Rossi/Lorenzo Apriani (17.8)
4. Fabrizio Valenti/Luca "Moxie" Mazzuccato† (17.6)
5. Francesca Iasenzio/Serge Marconi (16.60)

Girone B
1. Paolo Braico/Fernando Botrugno (19.1)
2. Raffaele Pilla/Paolo Mirabelli (18.4)
3. Roberto Pizzi/Edoardo Favorini (18.3)
4. Claudio Pietrarelli/Claudio Massaro (18.1)
5. Marco De Lucia/Mauro Mercuri (17.3)

Paganello 2007 – Day Three

2007 Paganello
Rimini, Italy
April 8, 2007

Open Co-op Final

1. Larry Imperiale/Paul Kenny/Pipo Lopez (75.7*)
2. Joakim Arveskär/Clay Collerá/Reto Zimmerman (67.1)
3. Antonio “Piccio” Cusmá/Andrea Meola/Fabio Sanna (65.4)
4. Matteo Gaddoni/Tommy Leitner/Luca Medri (63.5)
5. Claudio Cigna/Arthur Coddington/Jan Schreck (57.6)
6. Gary Auerbach/Claudio Massaro/Andrea Rimatori (51.2)

* Dropless and nearly flawless! Execution score of 29.4 out of 30.0

Open Pairs Final

1. Tommy Leitner/Reto Zimmerman (73.3)
2. Larry Imperiale/Fabio Sanna (72.8)
3. Paul Kenny/Pipo Lopez (71.4)
4. Manuel Cesari/Arthur Coddington (68.5)
5. Joakim Arveskär/Clay Collerá (66.8)
6. Antonio “Piccio” Cusmá/Andrea Meola (60.7)
7. Giovanni Coppo/Valerio Occorsio (55.7)
8. Matteo Gaddoni/Jan Schreck (55.3)
9. Angelo Mancarella/Danilo Torzolini (53.9)

Spirit of the Game: Andrea “Ali” Poli

Paganello 2007 – Day Two Results

2007 Paganello
Rimini, Italy
April 7, 2007

Open Co-op Semifinal

Pool A
(top 3 advance to the finals)

1. Larry Imperiale/Paul Kenny/Pipo Lopez (67.9)
2. Claudio Cigna/Arthur Coddington/Jan Schreck (57.7)
3. Matteo Gaddoni/Tommy Leitner/Luca Medri (56.5)
4. Kolja Hanneman/Markus Hein/Bianca Strunz (49.7)
5. Manuel Cesari/Matteo Feller/Valerio Occorsio (48.5)
6. Fabio Caruso/Silvia Caruso/Steve Hays (45.0)
7. Andrea “Ali”/Riccardo/John Titcomb (43.8)
8. Marco Prati/Gloria Alessandrini/Danilo Torzolini (43.7)
9. Jan Huybrechts/Hans Peeters/Urs Hardegger (38.9)

Pool B
(top 3 advance to the finals)

1. Joakim Arveskär/Clay Collerá/Reto Zimmerman (61.4)
2. Antonio Piccio Cusmá/Andrea Meola/Fabio Sanna (61.4)
3. Gary Auerbach/Claudio Massaro/Andrea Rimatori (55.2)
4. Sergio Arrighi/Giovanni Coppo/Paolo Magni (53.9)
5. Ramon Galliani/Angelo Mancarella/Carlo Perrone (47.9)
6. Vehro Titcomb/Xtehn Titcomb/Zahlen Titcomb (46.7)
7. Alex Alexandrov/Markus Goetz/Eleonora Imazio (43.5)
8. Alessandro Berra/Matteo Ceresa/Cristina Nicolardi (35.6)

Open Pairs Semifinal
(top 4 from each pool advance to the finals)

Pool A

1. Tom Leitner/Reto Zimmerman (70.0)
2. Joakim Arveskär/Clay Collera (62.3)
3. Antonio Piccione Cusmá/Andrea Meola (61.7)
4. Manuel Cesari/Arthur Coddington (57.3)
5. Matteo Feller/Paolo Magni (54.0)
6. Andrea Poli/Riccardo Sanna (53.2)
7. Claudio Massaro/Andrea Rimatori (50.9)

Pool B

1. Larry Imperiale/Fabio Sanna (70.8)
2. Paul Kenny/Pipo Lopez (67.1)
3. Angelo Mancarella/Danilo Torzolini (53.3)
4. Giovanni Coppo/Valerio Occorsio (52.5)
5. Matteo Gaddoni/Jan Schreck (52.5)
6. Alex Alexandrov/Gary Auerbach (51.6)
7. Claudio Cigna/Luca Medri (50.8)