Paganello 2007 – Post Tournament Jam

Plenty of freestylers remained in Rimini on Monday, especially after a decadent post-tournament meal at San Marco, piazza jam and (from what I hear) a bacchanalian disco party that lasted until at least 5am. Things like this happened in the jam:

4 Replies to “Paganello 2007 – Post Tournament Jam”

  1. Awesome shots, Arthur!
    Yes, the piazza jam was great, i`ve never seen more than 40 people having fun with only one disc…it was more sort of giant-guts, than a typical jam. I still wonder why the police didn`t chase us away from the piazza 🙂

  2. Actually it seemed like a fusion of all the frisbee games at once (Guts, Freestyle, Tackle Ultimate). Discgolf prevailed in the end, when the flashflight got successfully hucked onto a nearby balcony )))
    Great Piazza Jam, Paganello we love ya ))

    No jump, no catch!

  3. What an amazing revealing wonderful shot of Matteo! I can’t wait til Paga ’08!!!


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