The Yendor Interview

Yendor Martikonis is perhaps the most enigmatic figure in freestyle. A staple at nearly every major freestyle event over the past decade, Martikonis has chronicled freestyle yet remained elusive. Everpresent but hard to spot, Martikonis more than anyone has offered the perspective of a freestyle observer, albeit an observer with an astounding knowledge of the sport. Always in the right place at the right time, Martikonis has seen many of the pivotal moments in freestyle and overheard countless revealing conversations among elite players. In a rare, exclusive interview for Shrednow, Martikonis shares his thoughts about freestyle.

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Narragansett 2004: Pipo Wins Third Tourney In A Row

The 2004 Narragansett Beach Jam
Saturday, June 26
Narragansett Green
Rhode Island

Open Pairs/Co-op

1 Petri Isola, Toddy Brodeur, Pipo Lopez 181.5 points
2 Doug Simon, Rob Fried, Joey Hudoklin 172.8
3 Ted Oberhaus, Brad Keller 172
4 Steve Vinoski, Carl Emerson 134.5
5 Rick Williams, Alan Caplin 134
6 Nicki Nicholson, Steve Scannell 112
7 Mark Ide, Chris DePaola 102

Individual Freestyle

1 Toddy Brodeur 208.5 points
2 Ted Oberhaus 192
3 Pipo Lopez 191.4
4 Rob Fried 176.9
5 Doug Simon 166
6 Petri Isola 158
7 Joey Hudoklin 156.5
8 Rick Williams 154.7
9 Brad Keller 152
10 Chris DePaola 150.8
11 Steve Scannell 141.3
12 Alan Caplin 125.9
13 Mark Ide 72

Whiz Rings

Hi everyone, spent the weekend playing with my new Whiz Ring from Was really awesome. I learnt UTL airbrush and hand guides, chest rolls (the rolls still need a bit of work though) and almost pulled off a scarecrow brush. If you havent tried one I suggest you do. They are really cool.

Collera And Leitner Win 2004 Vagolino

2004 Vagolino
Milan, Italy
June 12-13, 2004

Open Division

1. Clay Collera/Tom Leitner
2. Piccio Cusma/Andrea Meola
3. Lorenzo Apriani/Edoardo Favorini
4. Andrea Gallotti/Matteo Gaddoni
5. Andrea Stazi/Danilo
6. Lorenzo “Lura” Manzoni/Sebastian “Seba” Rodella

Intermediate Division

1. Gaia Audino/Matteo Ceresa

New ZMachines

In 1992, JT Thorne showed his first disc spinning contraption, the Disc Popper. A few years later, he introduced the ZMachine, a portable training device that allowed freestylers to spin discs at high speed then lift them into a delay. The patented invention was an immediate hit. New players could get the feel for a delay instantly. Experienced players loved the superhuman spin produced by the ZMachine and used it to learn difficult technical moves and attempt longer, previously impossible combinations.

The ZMachine was out of production for a while, but Thorne is back with a new design and is taking orders for new ZMachines at

Dave Schiller Sweeps 2004 World Beach Invitational

Last month, Pipo Lopez and Toddy Brodeur won the Jammers Championship in Florida. This month, Pipo traveled to the West Coast, teamed up with Dave Schiller and won the World Beach Invitational in Ventura, California for his second big win in a row. The man is on a roll.

Meanwhile, Dave Schiller swept the Open Pairs and Mixed Pairs titles as he and wife Amy defeated Dave Lewis and Cindy Kruger in the Mixed final. Schiller hasn’t traveled much in the past few years because of injuries and other commitments, but he has won nearly every competition he has entered. There is no arguing that he is still at the top of the game and is a furious competitor.

World Beach Invitational
June 19-20, 2004
Ventura, California

Open Pairs

1. Pipo Lopez/Dave Schiller
2. Jeff Kruger/Dave Lewis
3. Dave Bailey/Dan Sullivan
4. Chip Bell/Dave Zeff
5. Cindy Kruger/Amy Schiller
6. Doug Korns/Z Weyand

Mixed Pairs
1. Amy Schiller/Dave Schiller
2. Cindy Kruger/Dave Lewis

Castiglia/Chantiles Win 2004 Disc Or Die

2004 Colorado States/Disc Or Die
Ft. Collins, Colorado
June 18-19, 2004

1. Rick Castiglia/Jamie Chantiles
2. Larry Imperiale/Jeff O’Brien
3. Jonathan Willett/Bill Wright
4. Stuart Landsee/John Schiller
5. Dan Hood/Ryan Mowbray
6. Rob Gallegos/Ron Gallegos
7. Nick Arseniak/Matt Ransdell

New Shrednow Gear

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