2010 VA States Report

Here’s the Jammers post on the 2010 VA States Frisbee Championships. Another fine gathering with the amazing Laszlo’s Wienie World as the epicenter for a weekend of frisbee fun.

(Complete Results Are At The Bottom Of This Post)

By far the biggest story from the 34th Annual Virginia States Frisbee Championships was the two teenagers from NYC: Daniel O’Neill and James Wiseman. These guys are fresh to the jam scene, having been playing for around 8 months now, and they both are shredding. James is from Austin, TX, and got hooked into tossing and jamming via Dan Yarnell. When James headed up to New York City to attend Columbia University, Dan connected him with the Meadow Brethren. James hooked-up with Daniel at University, they both headed to the Meadow, and the transmission began.

One casual observer of the scene at VA said, wow jammers younger than 45! (true that day except for Jake Gauthier, Pat Marron and Emmanuale "Zanardi" Faustini. Anyone else who was there under 45?)

Daniel and James not only brought their own enthusiasm and shredding to the field, they fired up all us older folks to go for it, to pump them big Z’s, show them moves….They were an amazing energizing force for the whole weekend.

A weekend that saw, in the words of Eric Wooten, the deepest field in VA States history. It all began with 41 folks breaking bread together Friday night at the Poppy Hill Tuscan Kitchen, the now annual Friday night re-connect. The weekend also saw the return to competition of, still high flying, Mikey Reid. Mikey arrived a day late after the passing of Christy Brinkley, one of his prize milking cows, who left this world after giving birth. May she find bliss and joy on the next great grazing field of life. Mikey still shreds the field with joy and energy, and it was great to see him back in play for the weekend.

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Paganello 2010

Paganello World Freestyle Challenge 2010
April 2nd-4th, Rimini (Italy)

Mixed Pairs Finals
1. Fabio Sanna/Eleonora Imazio (45.3/AI:14.8 EX:18.5 DIFF:12.8)
2. Florian Hess/Judith Haas (41.4/AI:12.1 EX:18.1 DIFF:11.2)
3. Balu Major/Silvia Caruso (40.4/AI:12.0 EX: 16.3 DIFF:12.1)
4. Paul Kenny/Martina Frosini (32.9/AI:7.2 EX:16.1 DIFF:9.6)
5. Guglielmo Feis/Sara Cintura (23.4/AI:5.7 EX:12.1 DIFF:5.6)

Open Pairs Finals
1. Claudio Cigna/Fabio Sanna (68.4/AI:22.3 EX:26.7 DIFF:19.4)
2. Reto Zimmermann/Joakim Arveskar (64.8/AI:19.2 EX:26.4 DIFF:19.2)
3. Matteo Gaddoni/Randy Silvey (63.3/AI:19.6 EX:24.3 DIFF:19.4)
4. Giovanni Coppo/Valerio Occorsio (62.6/AI:18.9 EX:25.5 DIFF:18.2)
5. Gery Nemeth/Balu Major (61.5/AI:18.1 EX:24.9 DIFF:18.5)
6. Clay Coller‡/Marco Prati (60.9/AI:17.7 EX:23.6 DIFF:19.6)
7. Darryl Allen/Florian Hess (53.7/AI:12.0 EX:25.0 DIFF:16.7)
8. Arthur Coddington/Tom Leitner (scratch due to Tomís injury)

Open Co-op Finals
1. Marco Prati/Manuel Cesari/Andrea Poli (65.3/AI:23.2 EX:23.4 DIFF:18.7)
2. Arthur Coddington/Matteo Gaddoni/Fabio Sanna (62.9/AI:19.8 EX:23.5 DIFF:19.6)
3. Clay Coller‡/Reto Zimmermann/Joakim Arveskar (60.7/AI:17.3 EX:22.1 DIFF:21.3)
4. Giovanni Coppo/Valerio Occorsio/Antonio Cusm‡ (58.7/AI:17.1 EX:22.2 DIFF:19.4)
5. Darryl Allen/Florian Hess/Andreas Jaderyd (49.6/AI:11.3 EX:21.0 DIFF:17.3)
5. Tom Leitner/Balu Major/Gery Nemeth (scratch due to Tomís injury)

Spirit of the Game: Andrea Poli

Super Pro Paga Contest: Fabio Sanna

Special Awards for 20th edition
Paganello Heart: Reto Zimmermann
Most presences: Clay Coller‡
Most foreign presences: Paul Kenny
Most victories: Tom Leitner

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