Rimini Memories: FPAW2003

Indulge me for a bit. As I prepare for my fifth trip to Rimini and my third to Paganello, I find myself remembering my first trip. Watching the Secrets of Pro Disc Freestyle Volume 2 this week, I saw some footage I had never seen from the 2003 FPAW pairs final. Z’s footage. Fabio sent me his footage a long time ago, but I had not seen any other angles. There are just a few clips on Vol 2, but Z posted the whole thing (3 of the 4 minutes of the routine) on YouTube this week. Thanks Z.

Rimini is very special to me, mostly for the people I have met there and the friendships that deepen every time I return. It’s also special because of the 2003 FPAW pairs title Dave and I won there. It was the first FPA pairs title won in Europe, but more than that it was the competitive round I still consider our peak. Conditions were horrible. Pressure was on. And somehow we both found the zone.

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Secrets of Pro Disc Freestyle Volume 2 RELEASED

Dave Lewis & Z Weyand have released Secrets of Pro Disc Freestyle Volume 2. I have a copy. It takes off where Volume 1 left off and covers a ton of advanced skills (spinning, against moves, skids, rolls, co-oping, and perhpas most importantly connectivity) and brings in guest instructors to teach their specialties. Great work Z & Dave! I’m scared and excited to see how good people will get after watching this DVD.

2009 Frisbee Freestyle Masters


1. Florian Hess/Christian Lamred 22,65
2. Sascha Scherzinger/Carsten Heim 21,95
3. Boguslaw Bul/Markus Hein 20,00
4, Mehrdad Hosseinian/Woo Wunder 19,85
5. Marc Pestotnik/Philipp Lenarz 19,40
6. Robert Dittrich/Jan Schreck 15,95
7. Sascha Höhne/Harald Skomroch 14,93

Lucky Looser:

1. Sascha Höhne/Harald Skomroch 14,95
2. Waldemar Wagner/Judith Haas 14,56
3. Holger Hill/Tobias Gebert 13,54
4. Max Schmidt/Jascha Wollmann 11,05


Pool A:

1. Florian Hess/Christian Lamred 19,98
2. Marc Pestotnik/Philipp Lenarz 18,87
3. Robert Dittrich/Jan Schreck 18,70
4. Sascha Höhne/Harald Skomroch 15,32
5. Holger Hill/Tobias Gebert 14,37

Pool B:

1. Sascha Scherzinger/Carsten Heim 22,35
2. Mehrdad Hosseinian/Woo Wunder 21,50
3. Boguslaw Bul/Markus Hein 19,95
4. Waldemar Wagner/Judith Haas 16,52
5. Max Schmidt/Jascha Wollmann 14,45

Random Coop

1. Carsten Heim/Robert Dittrich/Waldemar Wagner 19,9
2. Mehrdad Hosseinian/Marc Pestotnik/ Max Schmidt 19,0
3. Christian Lamred/Boguslaw Bul/Markus Hein 18,7
4. Philipp Lenarz/Tobias Gebert/Jascha Wollmann 18,5
5. Ilka Simon/Holger Hill/Judith Haas
6. Sascha Scherzinger/Jan Schreck/Woo Wunder 16,8
7. Harald Skomroch/Florian Hess/Sascha Höhne – *

* not finished because of injury