Secrets of Pro Disc Freestyle Volume 2 RELEASED

Dave Lewis & Z Weyand have released Secrets of Pro Disc Freestyle Volume 2. I have a copy. It takes off where Volume 1 left off and covers a ton of advanced skills (spinning, against moves, skids, rolls, co-oping, and perhpas most importantly connectivity) and brings in guest instructors to teach their specialties. Great work Z & Dave! I’m scared and excited to see how good people will get after watching this DVD.

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  1. I got it I got it ) Nice footage and good explanations. I think this is a useful reminder of some basics for people who have been playing for some time and a very valuable tool for people who are in their first-second year of play.
    I plan on watching it again soon and giving some more detailed feedback. I confess I was a bit sleepy during the first run, but its really cool anyway ))
    Big thanks to Dave, Z and everyone who contributed!

    No jump, no catch!

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