2004 Jammers Championship

2004 Jammers Championship
Jacksonville, FL
May 22-23, 2004

Open Pairs Finals

1. Toddy Brodeur/Pipo Lopez
2. Deaton Mitchell/Dave Murphy
3T. Larry Imperiale/Jeff O’Brien
3T. Lorenzo Apriani/Paul Kenny
5. Jamie Chantiles/Steve Hanes
6. Jeff Kruger/Dan Yarnell
Open Pairs Semi A

1. Toddy Brodeur/Pipo Lopez
2. Lorenzo Apriani/Paul Kenny
3. Larry Imperiale/Jeff O’Brien
4. Tito Andino/Steve Scannell
5. Alan Caplin/Carl Emerson

Open Pairs Semi B

1. Deaton Mitchell/Dave Murphy
2. Jamie Chantiles/Steve Hanes
3. Jeff Kruger/Dan Yarnell
4. Gregg Hosfeld/Cindy Kruger
5. Rik Downs/Craig Simon

Mixed Pairs

1. Lori Daniels/Paul Kenny
2. Larry Imperiale/Cindy Kruger
3. Sarah Bergman/Jeff Kruger
4. Toddy Brodeur/Berni Murray
5. Carl Emerson/Renee Pardo
6. Anne Goh/Steve Scannell

Jammers Pictures From Alan Caplin

Sydney Jammers

I posted a request awhile back for any local jammers in Auckland, NZ. however there was no response to that. But I’m gonna be in Sydney Australia in early July. Anyone know of any Aussie freestylers?

Podersdorf Diary

(The Podersdorf Winners. Photo by Eleonora)

Una macchina carica all’inverosimile di oggetti, persone, sogni e sensazioni, sta lentamente attraversando il cuore dell’Europa in direzione profondo est.

Come se fossimo una carovana di nomadi inseguiamo, macinando centinaia di Km , una ragione per vivere, una motivazione per fare sorridere le nostre esistenze e proiettarle fra le cose che hanno un valore talmente alto da essere inestimabili.
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Drug Testing: The Price Of Olympic Glory?

According to the minutes from the 2003 WFDF Congress, WFDF is moving toward requiring drug testing in its quest for acceptance into international sports festivals and ultimately the Olympics. More recently, word has filtered out that all competitive ultimate players worldwide may be subject to drug testing in anticipation of the upcoming world championships in Turku.

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Nike Freestyle !!

I’m sure most of you jammers out there have seen the Nike Frisbee Freestyle advert which featured Dave Lewis and Dave Murphy !! There were also some other class Nike Freestyle adverts including Football (Soccer to you Americans) and Basketball!! There is also Nike Freestyle website which is absolutely Brilliant!! This, at first consisted of a Football, Basketball and a Frisbee Freestyle section!!!

However, in about November 2003 it came to my attention that the Frisbee section of this great website had been removed but the Football and Basketball sections were still there!!!!!!! At first I thought it may just be a seasonal change (they’d just removed it for the winter and were going to put it on again about March/April 2004!! But they HAVEN’T! I am very anoyed at this!!! If anyone knows why please let me know!! If not I think we should (together) contact Nike and ask them to put it back on the website!!!

Johninho (UK Freestyler)

2004 Podersdorf Results

2004 Flying Disc Opening
Podersdorf, Austria
May 1-2, 2004

1 Antonio Cusma/Andrea Meola
2 Claudio “Clay” Collera/Fabio Sanna
3 Tommy Gereber/Juro Turan
4 Matteo Gaddoni/Andrea Gallotti

5 Stepan Materna/Mike Rausch
6 Ferenc Orosz/Szolt Balogh
7 Michi Szeiler/Bejca Turanova
8 Andrej Turan/Latso Graus

Intermediate Division

1 Gaia Audino/Matteo Ceresa (27.55)
2 Ali Dastrandj/Svetozar Popovic (27.37)
3 Andrea “Oddi” Furlan/Bejca Turanova (26.89)
4 Phillip Hanak/Florian “Flow” Herkner (23.6)
5 Jakob Taubald/Mike Rausch (scr)

Tournament Videos (via Freeskyler)