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  1. Well, the first thing is you have to be skinny and have long enough arms to
    reach around your back. Sounds like a joke, but it’s true. Not everyone can
    reach far enough for the BTB Delay.

  2. I’m pretty skinny…and long arms for my height…but the move just wont work..:-(

    When A Ball Dreams…
    It can’t Dream U mourons…LoL

  3. I’m just trying in these days the BTB delay. I founded very useful to make some stretching before. It’s easier if you start delaying with the other hand (not the one behind your back) while you put the other arm btb as far as you can. Try to go back with your upper body part and a little to the left or right (it depends if you use right or left hand to delay btb), you should be able to see your hand (the more you see, the easier it will be to delay).
    Then take the disc spinning from the free hand to the btb hand.
    Now, I pay attention to the positioning of the legs: the same leg of the btb hand should be taken behind you (I use to put the weight on this leg), the other leg should be taken in front of you. In this way you should have more mobility on the side where you delay the disc.
    But as I told you, I just started to try this move, so I’m not so experienced on that! 🙂


  4. i thank u both fo the comments!!
    i will try and try until i’ll make it!!see u in the FPA!

    When A Ball Dreams…
    It can’t Dream U mourons…LoL

  5. Here are some pointers that I feel will help to facilitate the learning of the behind the back delay: 1)wedge your arm as deep behind your back as possible, 2)lean a little backwards and to the side, or away from the side you are delaying the disc (i.e. lean to your left for a left handed BTB delay, 3)try and lift your hand as high as possible – "reach for the sky", 4)footwork- keep the foot on the side of the disc staggered forward a bit (i.e. right foot should be forward for a left hand BTB delay), and 5) if you start to lose the delay move your body in the same direction as the spin (e.g. for a left handed counterclockwise BTB delay spin your body counterclockwise to try and "catch-up" with the spin on the disc and regain the delay).
    Keep Practicing and Good Luck, It’s Fun!

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