Discs With Domes For Learning Delays

I am totally green to this sport and looking at the Pros Freestylin’ & Jammin’ a disc like as if the disc is stuck to their fingers is amazing!!!
I have came across instructional sites that have briefly mentioned about freestyling discs having sort of a "ring" in the center on the underside of the disc for better guidance while Spinning.

How true is this? If true, which manufacturer/model of disc has this?

As I am very new to this, I would think this might help me learn to spin at the beginner’s level.

Please help!

Spike Wins 2004 San Diego Round Robin

Jamie Chantiles hosted the first event of 2004, an experimental-format round robin pairs event in San Diego on January 25.

By random draw, six players were teamed with a different pairs partner over five competition rounds. The idea was to play with a variety of teams and have the opportunity to create routines with short-lead time. According to Chantiles, the format “is an excellent way to promote the sport in a public area, while honing your skills.”

The final standings reflect each athlete’s performance over all five rounds. World number 2 and current open pairs world champion Dave “Spike” Lewis lived up to his ranking by taking the title. Peter Laubert, known as one of the best at conceiving effective routines, followed in second, with 2002 open pairs world champ Joel Rogers in the third spot.

The Final Standings:

1. Dave Lewis
2. Peter Laubert
3. Joel Rogers
4. Tom Gleason
5. Jamie Chantiles
6. Ami Lewis

FPA Creates Online Results Archive

The Freestyle Players Association (FPA) has launched an ambitious project to document the history of competitive freestyle. Spearheaded by Larry Imperiale, the FPA has created an online database of tournament results that will eventually allow freestyle fans to research individual tournaments, player results and even create statistical reports of their own, such as the biggest winning margins, most finals in a row, most second place finishes without a win, or any other creative stat a visitor can think of.

To start, the database includes results from final rounds in 2003 as well as nearly complete results from some of the earliest freestyle competitions in 1974 and 1975. The FPA is currently looking for volunteers to enter results from other years. The FPA will provide the stats; volunteers can enter as much as they want. With the help of the freestyle community, the FPA hopes to have 25 years of results available online by the end of 2004.

What statistics would you look up in the FPA’s new database?

Indoor Romashred Videos

Fabio Sanna has edited videos from December’s Indoor Romashred to showcase the best moves of each of the 30 Romashred players. Each video file is about 1.5 megs. The files for the top players are larger, since Fabio was kind enough to include several extra combos for the finalists.

Direct links to the thirty videos are below. [NOTE: the videos are no longer available online, but contact me if you are interested in seeing any of them]

Continue reading “Indoor Romashred Videos”

Women’s Rankings – 2003 Year-End List

2003 Year-End Freestyle Flying Disc Women’s Rankings

(tournaments from January 1, 2002 to January 1, 2004)

Rank | Player | Best 5 Results

1.            Kruger, Cindy            1400.00
2.            Robbins, Judy            1375.00
3.            Hunrichs Silvey, Lisa            1225.00
4.            Graves, Anne            1200.00
5.            Sanchez, Bethany            1025.00
6.            Hagenbjörk, Karolina            905.75
7.            Lowry, Mary            850.00
8.            Almljung-Törngren, Linda            830.75
9.            Daniels, Lori            772.50
10.            Pardo, Renee            693.00
11.            Bergman, Sarah            605.75
12T.            Mossavarrahmani, Gohar            400.00
12T.            Mossavarrahmani, Nilofaar            400.00
14T.            Ugalde, Tita            383.25
14T.            Verish, Beth            383.25
16.            Zurn, Mary            300.00
17.            Trail, Melissa            275.76
18.            Kenny, Cheryl            275.00
19.            Schiller, Amy            260.00
20.            Carreiro, Amanda            225.00

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