FPA Creates Online Results Archive

The Freestyle Players Association (FPA) has launched an ambitious project to document the history of competitive freestyle. Spearheaded by Larry Imperiale, the FPA has created an online database of tournament results that will eventually allow freestyle fans to research individual tournaments, player results and even create statistical reports of their own, such as the biggest winning margins, most finals in a row, most second place finishes without a win, or any other creative stat a visitor can think of.

To start, the database includes results from final rounds in 2003 as well as nearly complete results from some of the earliest freestyle competitions in 1974 and 1975. The FPA is currently looking for volunteers to enter results from other years. The FPA will provide the stats; volunteers can enter as much as they want. With the help of the freestyle community, the FPA hopes to have 25 years of results available online by the end of 2004.

What statistics would you look up in the FPA’s new database?

2 Replies to “FPA Creates Online Results Archive”

  1. We have so many legendary players who have participated in competitions
    through literally decades of play. I would love a snapshot of how some of
    the legends fared at the world championships over the years.

  2. Yo!!! Like Arthur, I would love to be able to acesss info on some of the earlier legends and masters of the freestyle game, and check out who dominated the game in earlier decades. I would also appreciate being able to resarch competitions and players from outside the U.S. e.g. players from the U.K. (because I live and freestyle there) if there are any!!! Sounds like a great idea!!!

    Yo from ‘the flow’!!!

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