Rankings Carnage: 2 New #1’s and an Upside Down Top Ten

The post-FPA Worlds rankings may be the most chaotic monthly change in its 18 year history. Five athletes fell out of the open top ten, and two jumped from out of the top 10 into the top 3.

Congrats to freestyle’s new open #1 player Jake Gauthier. Jake built on last year’s 2nd in Co-op and 3rd in Pairs by winning Co-op in Prague and taking 4th in Pairs. It was a mighty feat to overcome Randy Silvey’s near sweep in Prague (finishing only 0.1 out of first place in Pairs and teaming up with Dave Lewis and Jake for the Co-op title). Jake outscored Randy in both Co-op and Pairs at last year’s worlds and this the 2010 Frisbeer. In fact, Randy has a chance to overtake Jake for #1 once the Frisbeer points expire in January.

Congrats also to Eleonora Imazio for retaking the #1 spot on the Women’s list. Judith Haas and Eleonora have been battling over the #1 ranking for a few years now. They are only 8 points apart. Both players took a 3rd place in Prague, but Eleonora paired it with a win in Mixed, while Judith took second in Women’s. Their battle is swinging on single performances now.

Back on the Open list, it was mayhem in the top ten. Fabio Sanna, Paul Kenny, Flo Hess, Christian Lamred and I all fell out of the top 10. Replacing them are Jake Gauthier at #1, new pairs world champ Marco “Cega” Prati who jumped from #14 to #3, Reto Zimmerman who jumped from #15 to #5, Joakim Arvesk

Thoughts on Santa Cruz Being Awarded FPAW2013

I applaud the FPA Board’s decision to award the 2013 FPA World Championships to Skippy Jammer and Santa Cruz, California. The debate about Santa Cruz vs. Medellin was far more complex than it needed to be. Santa Cruz’s bid was from an experienced tournament director and competitor. The Medellin bid was from a club that had never hosted a freestyle tournament of any size and had no members who had ever attended, let alone competed in a freestyle world championship. It was a no brainer that got muddied by factors beyond the sport’s need for a well-run world championships with conditions that showcase freestyle at its best.

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Lazzaroni 2011

1-2 October, San Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna)

Open Pairs Finals
1. Clay Coller‡ – Andrea Dini 46,40
2. Manuel Cesari – Tom Leitner 41,80
3. Claudio Cigna – Andrea Sarti 41,20
4. Valerio Occorsio – Fabio Sanna 39,10
5. Antonio Cusm‡ – Matteo Feller 34,90
6. Emmanuele Faustini – Danilo Torzolini 31,60
7. Marco Prati – Eleonora Imazio 30,80
8. Andrea Poli – Riccardo Sanna 27,00

Open Co-op Finals
1. Clay Coller‡ – Claudio Cigna – Fabio Sanna 44,30
2. Marco Prati – Manuel Cesari – Andrea Poli 44,00
3. Valerio Occorsio – Freddy Finner – Tom Leitner 41,30
4. Matteo Feller – Giovanni Coppo – Alex Leist 37,90
5. Emmanuele Faustini – Danilo Torzolini – Antonio Cusm‡ 36,60
6. Andrea Dini – Andrea Sarti – Fabio Vinciguerra 29,20

Open Pairs Semis Pool A
1. Tom Leitner – Manuel Cesari
2. Valerio Occorsio – Fabio Sanna
3. Emmanuele Faustini – Danilo Torzolini
4. Marco Prati – Eleonora Imazio
5. Alex Leist – Freddy Finner
6. Gloria Alessandrini – Silvia Caruso
7. Raffaele Pilla – Lorenzo Modarelli
8. Vanes Baldazzi – Daniele Sancini
9. Mirco Zanchetta – Simone Nonnis

Open Pairs Semis Pool B
1. Clay Coller‡ – Andrea Dini
2. Antonio Cusm‡ – Matteo Feller
3. Andrea Poli – Riccardo Sanna
4. Claudio Cigna – Andrea Sarti
5. Andrea MarcianÚ – Fabrizio Nicco
6. Giovanni Coppo – Fabio Percario
7. Fabio Vinciguerra – Gianluca Bertoncelli
8. Valerio Morossi – Andrea Ludergnani
9. Sandro Zanchetti – Dario Scaramucci

Open Co-op Semis Pool A
1. Claudio Cigna – Fabio Sanna – Clay Coller‡
2. Freddy Finner – Tom Leitner – Valerio Occorsio
3. Matteo Feller – Giovanni Coppo – Alex Leist
4. Andrea MarcianÚ – Fabrizio Nicco – Lorenzo Modarelli
5. Vanes Baldazzi – Gianluca Bertoncelli – Riccardo Sanna

Open Co-op Semis Pool B
1. Manuel Cesari – Andrea Poli – Marco Prati
2. Emmanuele Faustini – Danilo Torzolini – Antonio Cusm‡
3. Andrea Sarti – Andrea Dini – Fabio Vinciguerra
4. Gloria Alessandrini – Fabio Percario – Raffaele Pilla
5. Krystian Krysinski – Mirco Zanchetta – Simone Nonnis

Spirit of the Game: Alex Leist & Freddy Finner (Karlsruhe)
Spirit of the Jam: Fabio “Perkins” Percario