DiscCast 8: Feat. Matt and Jake Gauthier

Last month we brought you the organisers from Berlin, this month we bring you the champions. FPAW Open Pairs winners
Matt and Jake Gauthier speak to us exclusively about the roots of their play, their contributions to the sport, and, of course, about their recent world title. In addition, this episode sees the return of the ‘How-To’ section, with another current world champion,
Fabio Sanna, sharing his expertise on the art of the ‘Self-Set’.

Episode 8 Timeline-

1. Introduction (0:00-2:30)
2. World Freestyle News from the past month (2:31-8:32)
3. FPA News from the past month (8:34-11:12)
4. DiscCast Interview – Joe talks freestyle with the Gauthier Bros. (11:48-39:37)
5. ‘Guess the Jammer’ Competition Update (39:40-41:14)
6. How-To Section – The popular segment returns, thanks to Fabio Sanna and his expert knowledge of Self-Sets. (42:10-48:08)
7. Frisbee Fact of the Month! (48:20-52:20)
8. Goodbye and Conclusion (52:21-53:16)

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ukDiscstyle in Local Newspaper

Yesterday, John Coxhead & Joe McCrave (Team ukDiscstyle) had a feature article in their local county newspaper (the Lancashire Evening Post).

The article talked about the sport in general, John & Joe’s achievements to date and their hopes for the future.

The actual article in a large, readable size can be seen HERE.

The article can also be seen online HERE.

They were also mentioned on the newspapers online TV station. The video can be downloaded by right clicking and selecting ‘save target as’ on THIS LINK.

2007 Rumors

Only weeks after the 2006 FPAW, teams are forming for 2007 in Amsterdam, and it looks like there will be some doozies:

Open Pairs

Dave Murphy/Dave Schiller
Ted Oberhaus/Randy Silvey
Dave Lewis/Pat Marron

Open Co-op

Dave Lewis/Dave Murphy/Dave Schiller (aka D3)
Tom Leitner/Ted Oberhaus/Randy Silvey
Toddy Brodeur/Larry Imperiale/Paul Kenny

If things keep going at this pace, Amsterdam will be incinerated by the performances these teams will lay down.

What other players are joining forces to compete in Amsterdam?

Difficulty gradation

Hi guys! I wanted to ask sort of a favor. Could you please write sort of a score spectre on difficulty judging, so I could understand it better. For instance how many points would you give to a conseq. combination of with the spin pulls, a tipping combo and etc. And what would generally get 1 point, 2 and up to 10. I know everyone has a different way of judging diff, but thats why im asking )

2006 Jam and Go Köln

Jam and Go Köln
at the Germany Ultimate Championships
Köln, Germany
August 5-6, 2006


1. Larry Imperiale/Fabio Sanna 24.9 points
2. Boguslaw Bul/Hartmut Wahrmann 24.2
3. Arthur Coddington/Flo Hess 23.2
4. Piccio Cusma/Carstein Heim 22.6
5. Clay Collerá/Steve Hays 20.4
6. Markus Goetz/Mehrdad Hosseinian 17


1. Larry Imperiale/Fabio Sanna
2. Boguslaw Bul/Hartmut Wahrmann
3. Arthur Coddington/Florian Hess
4. Carsten Heim/Piccio Cusma
5. Clay Collerá/Steve Hays
6. Markus Götz/Mehrdad Hosseinian
7. Markus Hein/Bianca Strunz
8. Anton Cappelmann/Jan Schreck
9. Jan Huybrechts/Hans Peeters
10. Enrique Faria/Sascha Scherzinger
11. Lori Daniels/Craig Simon
12. Stefan Dünkel/Martin Stadler
13. John Titcomb/Heiko Vogt
14. Frank Lejeune/Michel Otte
15. Holger Hill/Marc Pestotnic
16. Nico Bernold/Eleonora Imazio
17. Alé Collerá/Alex Humphreys