DiscCast 8: Feat. Matt and Jake Gauthier

Last month we brought you the organisers from Berlin, this month we bring you the champions. FPAW Open Pairs winners
Matt and Jake Gauthier speak to us exclusively about the roots of their play, their contributions to the sport, and, of course, about their recent world title. In addition, this episode sees the return of the ‘How-To’ section, with another current world champion,
Fabio Sanna, sharing his expertise on the art of the ‘Self-Set’.

Episode 8 Timeline-

1. Introduction (0:00-2:30)
2. World Freestyle News from the past month (2:31-8:32)
3. FPA News from the past month (8:34-11:12)
4. DiscCast Interview – Joe talks freestyle with the Gauthier Bros. (11:48-39:37)
5. ‘Guess the Jammer’ Competition Update (39:40-41:14)
6. How-To Section – The popular segment returns, thanks to Fabio Sanna and his expert knowledge of Self-Sets. (42:10-48:08)
7. Frisbee Fact of the Month! (48:20-52:20)
8. Goodbye and Conclusion (52:21-53:16)

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