Lorenzo Apriani Wins Romashred

Romashred, the first turboshred event in Europe, was a big success this Saturday. Thirteen Roman freestylers competed on the beach in Capociotta as part of Ciakka Uakka Day (http://www.ciakkauakkateam.com). Lorenzo Apriani emerged as the winner in an extremely close final.

Several of the athletes had never entered a freestyle competition before, including Roberto Loppi, who missed the final by only one spot. A photographer from one of Rome’s largest newspapers covered the gathering.

In turboshred, players are scored as individuals but play as a group in a jam format. Only difficulty is judged. In Roma, each players best two combinations were added together for their score.

In the final, Lorenzo Apriani used a combination of technical turnovers, brush/rolls and strong seals to edge fast-improving Edoardo Favorini by only 3 points. Edoardo learned at least one new move every time I jammed with him in Rome. In the final he nailed a combination he had learned only that afternoon. He sealed his best two combos with a gitis and a scarecrow. Fernando Botrugno and Alessandro Damiano were only two points behind Edoardo. Nando won third place over Alessandro by going to the next best combination score. Nando also had the highest scoring single combination of the final.

Rome is perhaps the fastest growing jam community in the world. Several players beyond the thirteen watched the competition, and a few top players were unable to attend. There are at least two other jam locations in the Rome area with as many freestylers, one that reportedly has over one hundred new players.

The final results, followed by a round-by-round summary:

Romashred at Ciakka Uakka Day

Di Vino Beach

Capociotta, Italy

September 20, 2003

1. Lorenzo Apriani

2. Edoardo Favorini

3. Fernando Botrugno

4. Alessandro Damiano

5. Roberto Loppi

6. Paolo Mirabelli

7. Luca Gagliardi

8. Andrea “Pitone” Farnocchia

9. Paolo Cipolloni

10. Carlo Sestieri

11. Andrea Ienca

12. Serge Marconi

13. Raffaele Pilla


1. Lorenzo Apriani

2. Edoardo Favorini

3. Fernando Botrugno

4. Alessandro Damiano

Semifinal (winner advances to the final)

1. Edoardo Favorini

2. Roberto Loppi

3. Paolo Mirabelli

7th place playoff:

1. Luca Gagliardi

2. Andrea “Pitone” Farnocchia

3. Paolo Cipolloni

4. Carlo Sestieri

11th place playoff:

1. Andrea Ienca

2. Serge Marconi

3. Raffaele Pilla

Consolation Round 1 (top 2 advance to 7th place playoff):

1. Carlo Sestieri

2. Andrea “Pitone” Farnocchia

3. Andrea Ienca

Consolation Round 2 (top 2 advance to 7th place playoff):

1. Luca Gagliardi

2. Paolo Cipolloni

3. Rafaelle Pilla

4. Serge Marconi

Round 1 (winner advances to the final)

Pool A

1. Lorenzo Apriani

2. Roberto Loppi

3. Luca Gagliardi

4. Rafaelle Pilla

Pool B

1. Alessandro Damiano

2. Paolo Mirabelli

3. Carlo Sestieri

4. Serge Marconi

Pool C

1. Fernando Botrugno

2. Edoardo Favorini

3. Andrea “Pitone” Farnocchia

4. Andrea Ienca

5. Paolo Cipolloni