Big Moves: The Greatest Tipping Combo Ever?

(Quicktime, 6.4 meg, 2.2 meg)

When: 1986
Where: La Mirada, California
Who: Joey Hudoklin
Why: 1986 US Open – Freestyle Final

This may be the single greatest tipping combination ever. Joey Hudoklin busted out this huge sequence when it counted, during a major championship final. Double spins both directions. Behind the back tips both sides. Complete consecutivity from the first tip to the catch. Credit must also be given to Chip Bell for the ripping throw that set up the combo. The video shows the combo in slow motion and real time. The file is big – but worth it.

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Winning Moments: FPAW1997 – Open Pairs

When: 1997
Where: Ala Moana Park – Honolulu, Hawaii
Who: Dave Schiller, Randy Silvey
Why: 1997 FPA Worlds – Open Pairs Final

Dave Schiller captured his second Open Pairs title, and Randy Silvey collected his first with the “Jet” routine.

UPDATE (12/14/04): I have uploaded new versions of the both videos. The quality should be the same but the files are smaller.

UPDATE (9/10/08): Silly oldschool video downloads. We’re in the web 4.0 age of hosted, shared videos on YouToob now.

Winning Moments: FPAW1993 – Open Pairs

Jonathan Willett and Mikey Reid snuck up on everyone in 1993, seedbusting to a late finals playing position, then seedbusting to the world championship title. They were in the zone the whole tournament. Their loose and relaxed finals performance epitomizes their mix of speedflow, co-op brushing and improv indies and showcases some of Mikey Reid’s trademark big air catches.

Big Moves: Gina Sample

(Quicktime, 462k)

When: 1997
Where: Honolulu, Hawaii
Who: Gina Sample
Why: FPA World Championships

Gina Sample is the only woman to have ever won the FPA Open Pairs world championship (in 1994 with Rodney Sanchez). In 1997, she played Pairs with Dave Lewis and hit this individual combo (with two indigenous pulls) in the semifinals.

Important Moments: MTV Sports

(Quicktime, 7.3 meg)

When: 1992
Where: filmed in San Diego, broadcast across the US
Who: Dave Schiller, Amy Bekken, Dave Murphy, Stacy McCarthy, Joel Rogers, Rick Castiglia, Danny Sullivan, Crazy John brooks and a brief cameo by the Cameranesi family (including an infant Athena)
Why: shameless pimping of the sport for the media

In the early 1990’s, Dan Cortese hosted a show on MTV that was in many ways a precursor to the X Games. Each week two or three alternative sports were featured. Freestyle got its turn in 1992. This is the segment that where Dave Schiller’s famous “it’s a sport I dearly love” quote came from.

Big Moves: Joey Hudoklin At 1984 US Open

(Quicktime, 348k)

When: 1984
Where: La Mirada, California
Who: Joey Hudoklin
Why: US Open (I think)

Pure consecutivity from twenty years ago. A double spin directly into a behind the back hold. Popped up to an against the spin behind the back pull into an invert. Pops the invert up under his leg to a restricted tip to a double spinning catch!

Big Moves: Peter Bowie UD Gitis Pull

(Quicktime, 240k)

When: January, 1995
Where: Christchurch, New Zealand
Who: Peter Bowie
Why: 1995 New Zealand Overall Championships – Freestyle Final

New Zealand legend and US Open overall champion Peter Bowie connects the neurons, then uses the leftover spin for an upside down (UD) gitis pull during the freestyle finals of the 1995 New Zealand Flying Disc Championships.

And there’s more:

Scott Starr photos of Peter Bowie