Happy Birthday: Amit and the Beast

Amit Peled, FPA’s Future Jammer winner, turns 14 years old today. Happy Birthday, Amit! What is on Amit’s birthday list? Freestyle nails. Amit is yearning for some Matt Nails or Yarnails. Can we hook him up?

Steve Hays aka The Beast was also born on this day. Way more than 14 years ago. I’m not sure what’s on the Beast’s birthday list, but it probably includes a fine lager and some finer z’s. Can anyone hook him up? Happy Birthday, Beast!

2004 Arizona States: Ties Galore

29th Annual AZ States
October 30-31, 2004
Scottsdale, AZ

1T. Matt Gautheir/Dave Lewis (12 rank votes – fewest votes wins)*
1T. Larry Imperiale/Jeff Kruger (12)*
3T. Paul Kenny/Joel Rogers (28)
3T. Jamie Chantiles/Steve Hanes (28)
5. Cindy Kruger/Lisa Hunrichs Silvey (39)
6. Matt Hull/Tom Lasher (46)

* both first place teams received 4 first place votes and 4 second place votes from the judges.

Semifinal Pool A

1. Dave Lewis/Matt Gauthier
2. Randy Silvey/Jeff Kruger
3. Jamie Chantiles/Steve Hanes
4. Lori Daniels/Eddy Cohn/Thomas Cole
5. Conrad Damon/John Titcomb

Semifinal Pool B

1. Larry Imperiale/Jeff Kruger
2. Joel Rogers/Paul Kenny
3. Tom Lasher/MattHull
4. Rob Knapik/Bill Wright
5. Chris Horn/Mark Horn