2004 FPA Worlds: Saturday Results

FPA World Championships
Rimini, Italy
July 30, 2004

Mixed Pairs Semifinals
(top 6 advance to the finals)

1T. Cindy Kruger/Dave Lewis (T: 68.0 D: 20.6 E: 24.5 A: 22.9)
1T. Lori Daniels/Paul Kenny (T: 68.0 D: 19.0 E: 26.8 A: 22.2)
3. Lisa Hunrichs Silvey/Matt Gauthier (T: 67.1 D: 19.1 E: 25.6 A: 22.4)
4. Sarah Bergman/Jeff Kruger (T: 60.6 D: 14.9 E: 25.1 A: 20.0)
5. Mary Lowry/Larry Imperiale (T: 57.0 D: 17.1 E: 22.5 A: 17.4)
6. Qxhna Titcomb/Toddy Brodeur (T: 56.8 D: 14.8 E: 24.8 A: 17.2)
7. Bethany Sanchez/Rodney Sanchez (T: 56.4 D: 15.1 E: 24.6 A: 16.7)
8. Hila Yaniv/Edoardo Favorini (T: 45.7 D: 12.4 E: 20.7 A: 12.6)

Co-op Semifinal A
(top 3 advance to the finals)

1. Arthur Coddington/Dave Lewis/Pat Marron (T: 71.89 D: 22.09 E: 26.0 A: 23.8)
2. Matt Gauthier/Paolo Mirabelli/Randy Silvey (T: 65.3 D: 19.6 E: 25.6 E: 20.1)
3. Lorenzo Apriani/Edoardo Favorini/Alessandro Damiano (T: 56.76 D: 16.76 E: 22.8 A: 17.2)
4. Piccio Cusma/Matteo Gaddoni/Rodney Sanchez (T: 54.4 D: 17.5 D: 20.6 A: 16.3)
5. Jeff Kruger/Pipo Lopez/Reto Zimmerman (T: 54.2 D: 18.5 E: 20.1 A: 17.1 PENALTY: 1.5)
6. Fernando Botrugno/Luca Mazzucato/Mauro Mercuri (T: 46.3 D: 13.3 E: 23.8 A: 9.2)
7. Alan Caplan/Oriel Hemed/Lusti Lustiger (T: 38.3 D: 12.0 E: 19.1 A: 7.2)

Open Co-op Prelim B
(top 3 advance to the finals)

1. Toddy Brodeur/Larry Imperiale/Paul Kenny (T: 68.84 D: 19.24 E: 26.7 A: 22.9)
2. Clay Collera/Tommy Leitner/Andrea Meola (T: 62.66 D: 18.76 E: 23.7 A: 20.2)
3. Mary Lowry/Cindy Kruger/Lisa Hunrichs Silvey (T: 58.55 D: 17.35 E: 21.4 A: 19.8)
4. Joakim Arveskär/Roland Karlsson/Stefan Karlsson (T: 57.65 D: 17.35 E: 21.4 A: 18.9)
5. Gregory Lo-A-Sjoe/Stefano Mestroni/Fabio Sanna (T: 48.65 D: 14.85 E: 21.2 A: 12.6)
6. Jan Soerensen/John Titcomb/Hila Yaniv (T: 31.95 D: 13.05 E: 13.6 A: 6.8)

Open Pairs Semi A
(top 4 advance to the final)

1. Arthur Coddington/Dave Lewis (T: 71.1 D: 21.4 E: 27.8 A: 21.9)
2. Larry Imperiale/Jeff Kruger (T: 61.4 D: 18.0 E: 26.0 A: 17.4)
3. Toddy Brodeur/Pipo Lopez (T: 58.6 D: 18.3 E: 23.7 A: 16.6)
4. Stefano Mestroni/Fabio Sanna (T: 56.7 D: 17.2 E: 24.7 A: 14.6)
5. Matteo Gaddoni/Rodney Sanchez (T: 51.5 D: 16.6 E: 21.7 A: 13.2)
6. Joakim Arveskär/Stefan Karlsson (T: 46.8 D: 15.8 E: 18.0 A: 13.0)
7. Paolo Mirabelli/Jan Soerensen (T: 45.3 D: 14.0 D: 21.4 A: 9.9)
8. Piccio Cusma/Andrea Meola (T: 44.2 D: 15.0 E: 17.5 A: 11.7)

Open Pairs Semi B
(top 4 advance to final)

1. Matt Gauthier/Randy Silvey (T: 72.2 D: 20.3 E: 25.4 A: 26.5)
2. Pat Marron/Tom Leitner (T: 67.3 D: 20.3 E: 26.7 A: 20.3)
3. Paul Kenny/Reto Zimmerman (T: 62.1 D: 18.3 E: 23.7 A: 20.1)
4. Clay Collera/Tommy Gereben (T: 53.2 D: 19.2 E: 25.1 A: 9.0)
5. Alessandro Damiano/Edoardo Favorini (T: 50.1 D: 16.7 E: 19.9 A: 13.5)
6. Lorenzo Apriani/Roland Karlsson (T: 47.2 D: 16.7 E: 18.8 A: 11.7)
7. Fernando Botrugno/Mauro Mercuri (T: 40.7 D: 15.0 E: 18.8 A: 6.9)
8. Luca Medri/John Titcomb (T: 39.1 D: 15.1 E: 17.7 A: 6.3)

2004 FPA Worlds: Friday’s Rumor Mill

As a new member of the Shrednow community, it is my pleasure to report all the gossip and rumors from the FPA Worlds here in Rimini. Nothing scandalous today, just a few amusing memories recounted to me by the players. Try to guess who the rumor is about, then read the rest of the article to find the answers:

Who was the only player to do a toe delay in competition on Friday?

Who invented the jetlag gitis?

Who was the only pairs team that did not throw to each other?

Which team rejected a Led Zeppelin song and instead played to Guns N Roses?

Which player said “there is only one restaurant I won’t go to in all of Rimini,” and guess which restaurant his friends chose?

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2004 FPA Worlds – Friday Results

The Womens Semifinals and the Open Preliminaries were the first events of the 2004 FPA Worlds in Rimini, Italy. Thursdays windy conditions left the area and the morning was calm with just a hint of breeze. The wind built throughout the day to a wonderful, steady wind perfect for the first day of this years world championships.

It is rare that no one seedbusts in the Open Pairs division, but on Friday every seed held its position. There was one seedbusting team in the Womens division. Complete results are below.

There are four competitions tomorrow – Intermediate, the Mixed Pairs Semifinals, the Open Co-p Semifinals and the Open Pairs Semifinals.

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29th All Japan Flying Disc Championships 2004

29th All Japan Flying Disc Championships 2004 Hitachi, Japan
July 17-19, 2004

Open Finals

1. Yutaka Harashina/Tomokazu Yamamoto/Akihito Gotoh
2. Shori Ohuchi/Shun’ichi Noda/Kazuyuki Kubo
3. Kouhei Ikeda/Takeshi Umemura/Shouko Sugawara
4. Hiroshi Yokota/Ken Shima
5. Yumiko Tauchi/Yukari Komatsu/Kanako Ito

2004 Amsterjam: Pipo and Toddy Again

What is this? Four in a row for Pipo and two in a row for Toddy?


1. Pipo Lopez/Todd Brodeur

2. Tom Leitner/Rob Fried
3. Reto Zimmerman/Paul Kenny
4. Matteo Gaddoni/Rodney Sanchez
5. Lorenzo Apriani/Edoardo Favorini
6. Fabio Sanna/Stefano Mestroni/Gregory Lo-a-sjoe
7. John Titcomb/Jan soerensen/Iwan de Moor
8. Bethany Sanchez/Lori Daniels
9. Fabio Percario/Matteo Feller/Antonio Cusma

B – Final

1. Fabio Percario/Matteo Feller/Antonio Cusma
2. Mouss Qabbal/Alan Caplin/(David Lagoute was absent)
3. Arno Lévénés/Christophe Legendre/Jano Golian
4. Jan Shreck/Anton Capellimann

5. Phillip Jancke/Calle Cultus
6. Arne Bratenstein/Kolja Hannemann
7. Sara Cordero/Gaia Audino/Alice Belcredi/Matteo Ceresa
8. Jan Gröpped/Boguslaw Bull/Holger Hill
ABSENT: Ron Robert/Bart Mantel

A Prelims

1. Reto Zimmerman/Paul Kenny
2. Tom Leitner/Rob Fried
3. Matteo Gaddoni/Rodney Sanchez
4. John Titcomb/Jan soerensen/Iwan de Moor
5T. Fabio Percario/Matteo Feller/Antonio Cusma
5T. Arno Lévénés/Christophe Legendre/Jano Goliand
6. Phillip Jancke/Calle Cultus
7. Sara Cordero/Gaia Audino/Alice Belcredi/Matteo Ceresa
8. Ron Robert/Bart Mantel

B Prelims

1. Carlos Pipo Lopez/Todd Brodeur
2. Lorenzo Apriani/Edoardo Favorini

3. Bethany Sanchez/Lori Daniels
4. Fabio Sanna/Stefano Mestroni/Gregory Lo-a-sjoe
5. Mouss Qabbal/Alan Caplin/David Lagoute
6. Bruce Page/Dean Rozenberg
7. Jan Shreck/Anton Capellimann
8. Arne Bratenstein/Kolja Hannemann
9. Jan Gröpped/Boguslaw Bull/Holger Hill

Arne Bratenstein’s event photos: here

FFF’s photos: here and here

FPA Launches Intermediate Competition At FPA Worlds

The FPA has added an intermediate competition to the schedule of events at the 2004 FPA World Championships. The Future Jammers competition is designed to bridge the gap between new players and established, elite competitors. The competition will feature a shortened format focusing on intermediate skills, and most entry fees are being waived to encourage participation.

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2004 Swedisc Open

2004 Swedisc Open
Jul 7-10 2004
Bollnas, Sweden

Open Finals

1. Stefan Karlsson/Andreas Jaderyd
2.Roland Karlsson/Christian Sandström
3.Niclas Bergehamn/Dieter Johansson
4. T Tomas Burvall/Peter Karlsson
4. T Peter Henriksson/Jonas Bengtsson

Open Prelim A

1.Roland Karlsson/Christian Sandström
2T. Tomas Burvall/Peter Karlsson
2T. Peter Henriksson/Jonas Bengtsson
4. Niloofar Mosavarrahmani/Gohar Mossavarrahmani

Open Prelilm B

1. Stefan Karlsson/Andreas Jaderyd
2.Niclas Bergehamn/Dieter Johansson
3.Mikael Zewgren/Jonas Rask-Samuelsson
4.Fredrik Celinder/Jimmie Nilsson


1. Niloofar Mosavarrahmani/Gohar Mossavarrahmani

2004 Masters Results

2004 Masters Overall Championships
San Diego, CA
July 15-16, 2004


1 Dave Murphy/Joel Rogers/Dave Schiller (75.2 points)
2 Jamie Chantiles/Steve Hanes (63.2)
3 Alan Caplin/Rick Williams (56.7)
4T. Mike Cronin/Peter Laubert/Amy Schiller (55.0)
4T. Mark Blakemore/Greg Riley (55.0)
6 Mike Hughes/Brad Wendt (50.0)
7 Harvey Brandt/Tom Cole/Diego Gamboa (45.9)
8 Dave Bogenhagen/Fred Salaz/John Titcomb (31.5)

Prelim A

1. Dave Murphy/Joel Rogers/Dave Schiller (72.2)
2. Alan Caplin/Rick Williams (58.7)
3. Mike Cronin/Peter Laubert/Amy Schiller (58.3)
4. Harvey Brandt/Tom Cole/Diego Gamboa (55.2)
5. Conrad Damon/John Elsner/Andrew Lemann (44.4)
6. Chris Sieben/John Titcomb (40.0)

Prelim B

1. Jamie Chantiles/Steve Hanes (65.6)
2. Mark Blakemore/Greg Riley (63.2)
3. Mike Hughes/Brad Wendt (55.5)
4. Dave Bogenhagen/Fred Salaz/John Titcomb (48.6)
5. Raymond Chun/Jeff Kennedy (39.2)
6. Bill Chetel/Jeff Shelton (32.1)

Masters Women

1. Lori Daniels/Bethany Sanchez
2. Diane Harris/Mary Sorrentino
3. Theresa Bogenhagen/Louie Cohn

Senior Grandmasters

1. Doug Korns
2. Paul Thompson
3. Michael Conger

Ask Yendor: Keeping The Z’s For Yourself


I have a question for you. I have never seen you, but I have heard about you, so I am sure you exist. You may have an answer to my problem.

I was jamming today and came upon a quandry. The jam with Arthur Coddington and Pat Marron was going well. We were passing the disc frequently and setting up a nice flow within the rhythm of the jam. Then Pat threw me a throw with the most unbelievable zzz’s where upon I flipped out!! I lost all sense of connection to the jam and lost all self control. I thought “I must keep these ZZZ’s to myself!! No one else can have these zzz’s!”

A list of all of the moves I could possibly do went through my head all at once. I did a very long combo. When I ran out of the zzz’s I kept brushing and rolling, kicking and rolling. If it were not for running out of grass and field I would have kept going for a lot longer. When I turned around, Arthur was taking a nap and Pat was making a cell phone call.

How can I control my selfish craving to keep all of the zzz’s to myself.

Or am I a lost cause? Am I a bad person?

Your humble jammer,