Urban-freestyle Disc-sport

We will like to hear people opinion about A new style In the World of Urban-Sport, good and bad opinions is welcome.


The Urban disc it’s an obstacle race where you have to fight constantly with your disc against the streets.
It a mix betwen Disctwirls(new style i disc-sport) and other Urban/street sport.


The Jammers 2008 Results are in!

Perfect day, perfect wind, perfect group of jammers. Rodney Sanchez in semis…oh my gawd! All captured on video. Many first timers to Jammers…The Randoman, Arthur (thanks AC!) Neil and Mike, Ryan, Paul S. and Doug. Thanks for coming out and making the weekend so special. Hopefully we have some videos coming from "Worlds Jammers". Now it is World Gitis Day!

Open Finals

1. Pat Marron-Dave Murphy
2. Randy Silvey-Pipo Lopez
3. Arthur Coddington-Paul Kenny
4. Jeff Kruger-Rodney Sanchez

Mixed Finals

1. Cindy Kruger-Randy Silvey
2. Bethany Sanchez-Todd Brodeur
3. Sarah Bergman-Jeff Kruger
4. Anne Goh-Steve Scannell

Open Semis

Pool A

1. Pat Marron-Dave Murphy
2. Jeff Kruger-Rodney Sanchez
3. Ryan Vinoski-Todd Brodeur
4. Craig Simon-Paul Smith
5. Steve Scannell-Doug Korns
6. Josh Emerson-Carl Emerson

Pool B

1. Arthur Coddington-Paul Kenny
2. Randy Silvey-Pipo Lopez
3. Jeff OíBrien-Gregg Hosfeld-Tito Andino
4. Daryl Allen-Cindy Kruger
5. Mike Galloupe-Neil Toland

DiscCast Extra: Judy Robbins


This latest
DiscCast Extra features an interview with a lady who is not only one of the
greatest female freestylers of all time, but also one of the most accomplished
all round disc players the world has ever seen; it is Judy Robbins! Judy made
the trip to Europe last summer to attend the FPA World Championships in
Amsterdam. And while there, we took the opportunity to chat to her about her
long and diverse career, her views on the current female freestyle scene &
much more. Enjoy!

Episode Information.

10mins 24secs

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Judy, use the link above, or find/subscribe to the podcast on the iTunes podcast
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John and Joe

Music Queries

Ive been rewatching some vids lately and I really enjoyed the 2007 FPAW routine in the finals with Dave Lewis and Pat Marron. Anyone know the song they are playing to? I really like it ))
you can watch the routine on Fabio’s jamngo.com website

Bibione Freestyle Contest 2008

Bibione Freestyle Contest 2008
Bibione (near Venice), Italy
April 26-27, 2008

We experimented a strange format, because of there were only five players. Each player played in couple with the other four ones, so we haved 10 open pairs team.
While a team was performing its 3 minutes routine, the other three players judged (respectively in execution, difficulty and artistic impression).

Obviusly the judjment system was not so precise, but we managed to give a good and constant show to the big audience.

Besides lots of children and adults play with us on the beautiful wood carpet, with sea, sun and wind…

Here you can find a report on the tournament (in Italian), here some photos and here a nice video of a jam.
Below the results of the contest.

1. Matteo “Gaddoz” Gaddoni/Luca Medri
2. Claudio Cigna/Marco “Cega” Prati
3T. Matteo “Gaddoz” Gaddoni/Marco “Cega” Prati
3T. Claudio Cigna/Emmanuele “Zanardi” Faustini
5. Claudio Cigna/Luca Medri
6. Matteo “Gaddoz” Gaddoni/Emmanuele “Zanardi” Faustini
7. Claudio Cigna/Matteo “Gaddoz” Gaddoni
8. Marco “Cega” Prati/Emmanuele “Zanardi” Faustini
9. Luca Medri/Emmanuele “Zanardi” Faustini
10. Marco “Cega” Prati/Luca Medri

Spirit of the game: Emmanuele “Zanardi” Faustini