The Jammers 2008 Results are in!

Perfect day, perfect wind, perfect group of jammers. Rodney Sanchez in semis…oh my gawd! All captured on video. Many first timers to Jammers…The Randoman, Arthur (thanks AC!) Neil and Mike, Ryan, Paul S. and Doug. Thanks for coming out and making the weekend so special. Hopefully we have some videos coming from "Worlds Jammers". Now it is World Gitis Day!

Open Finals

1. Pat Marron-Dave Murphy
2. Randy Silvey-Pipo Lopez
3. Arthur Coddington-Paul Kenny
4. Jeff Kruger-Rodney Sanchez

Mixed Finals

1. Cindy Kruger-Randy Silvey
2. Bethany Sanchez-Todd Brodeur
3. Sarah Bergman-Jeff Kruger
4. Anne Goh-Steve Scannell

Open Semis

Pool A

1. Pat Marron-Dave Murphy
2. Jeff Kruger-Rodney Sanchez
3. Ryan Vinoski-Todd Brodeur
4. Craig Simon-Paul Smith
5. Steve Scannell-Doug Korns
6. Josh Emerson-Carl Emerson

Pool B

1. Arthur Coddington-Paul Kenny
2. Randy Silvey-Pipo Lopez
3. Jeff OíBrien-Gregg Hosfeld-Tito Andino
4. Daryl Allen-Cindy Kruger
5. Mike Galloupe-Neil Toland