Designing Your Own Frisbee

Just noticed you seem to use frisbee’s with your "shrednow" logo/design thing on them in the Secrets DVD. How did you get these? I’d love to play with a frisbee with my design on it. Any info would be much appreciated.

Paganello 2004

A huge internatioinal invasion of freestylers converged on Rimini, Italy for the 2004 Acrobatic Paganello.
New players from Israel entered their first big competitions. Last year’s rookies from the FPA Worlds
took on the role of seasoned veterans. Top-ranked players mentored the newcomers and all the participants collaborated to put on a great show.

Gary Auerbach, Paul Kenny and Reto Zimmerman won the Co-op division over 8 other teams, winning the final by 6 points over Clay Collera, Tom Leitner and Pipo Lopez. Seventeen teams entered the pairs division. Clay Collera and Tom Leitner came out on top, defeating Paul Kenny and Reto Zimmerman by four points.
In addition to Collera, Leitner, Kenny and Zimmerman, Puerto Rico’s Pipo Lopez and Roma’s Alessandro Damiano and Edoardo Favorini made both finals.
Fabio Sanna and Stefano Mestroni won a special qualifier into the Semifinals, outscoring ten other teams.

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2004 Virginia States Results

2004 Virginia States
Fredericksburg, VA
April 17-18, 2004
1 Rob Fried/Joey Hudoklin/Doug Simon
2 Toddy Brodeur/Alan Caplin/Rodney Sanchez
3 Rob Knapik/Bill Wright
4 Phil Cappa/Dale Crawford/Mike Mosher
5 Harvey Brandt/Tom Lasher
6 Bob Cooksey/Jack Cooksey
7T. Bryan Steffen/Ronnie Turner
7T. Jack Stanton/David Steger/Don Wallace
9T. Joey Cohn/Eddie Cohn
9T. Conrad Damon/David Hessleberth/Ken Reynolds
9T. Eric Wootten/Hunter Wootten
12 Merrill Detwiler/Rich Riley
13 Louie Cohn/Jennifer Griffin

Against the Spin??

Just fishing for tips on nail delaying against the spin. My intuition says to circle my finger in the opposited direction from with the spin (i.e. – finger circle counter for a clock spinning disc), but I’m not having much, if any, success that way as yet. Just more practice? Or is there ‘something else’ to working against the spin?
Thanks in advance!! And THANKS FOR SHREDNOW!!

Meet The Players Version 2

The Freestyle Players Association has relaunched the Meet The Players feature on Meet The Players, the result of Larry Imperiale’s undying commitment to improving communication in freestyle, features information not only about the top Open and Women’s players but also spotlights random players from around the world. The most exciting improvement allows all ranked players to create their own detailed profile. Create your profile now!

Don’t forget that every Shrednow member can also create their own Shrednow profile, including photo, in the Account Information section.

Wham-O’s Careless Marketing

I was in Sportmart tonight and noticed a big display of flying discs, a model I had never seen before. I checked it out and it turned out to be one of the endless stream of light-up discs that are sold every year. Big whoop!

Then I noticed that Wham-O had redesigned the 140g All-Sport model and both the disc and the package actually looked good. Understated and sporting rather than flashy and toylike. If only I had walked away then and there.

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Rankings: April 2004

As we progress through 2004, the Open Rankings will show the continued international development of freestyle. With more European events this year than ever before, European players will have an opportunity to make a big splash on the rankings.

In the meantime, European players feel a rankings setback as two Italian events from 2002 fall off the rankings this month. Points from the 2002 Italian National Championships and Acrobatic Paganello expire this month, wreaking havoc on the rankings of Italian players. At the top, Clay Collera dips from 12 to 18, Lorenzo Apriani falls from 16 to 31, and Fernando Botrugno falls from 21 to 46.

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