Against the Spin??

Just fishing for tips on nail delaying against the spin. My intuition says to circle my finger in the opposited direction from with the spin (i.e. – finger circle counter for a clock spinning disc), but I’m not having much, if any, success that way as yet. Just more practice? Or is there ‘something else’ to working against the spin?
Thanks in advance!! And THANKS FOR SHREDNOW!!

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  1. Your finger should keep rotating with the spin of the disc. What is rotating
    opposite the spin is your wrist. Against the spin is about timing and feel.
    Feel will only come after timing and a lot of practice.
    For timing, start by letting the disc fall to a rim delay. Let the disc rotate
    without correcting it. As it drops under your wrist, elbow and arm, flick your
    finger back out toward the front of your body. You may have to move your
    body out of the way.
    If you can recover the disc in front of you, you are starting to get the timing
    of against-the-spin. Later on, you can adapt the timing and feel of against-
    the-spin rim moves and learn to do against-the-spin delay moevs.

  2. Is a clock-spin transfer from the right hand under the left leg to the left hand considered against the spin?
    I guess I was thinking specifically of (and trying to do) a clock-spin left hand against the spin crank.
    Thanks very very much, though, for your tips. I have been making some (little) progress with against the spin thusly.


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