Lazzaroni 2010

I Lazzaroni 2010
San Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna)
September 25-26th, 2010

Co-op Finals
1. Andrea Arfilli/Marco Prati/Claudio Cigna (41.0)
2. Andrea Poli/Manuel Cesari/Clay Coller‡ (37.5)
3. Fabio Sanna/Emmanuele Faustini/Valerio Occorsio (32.8)

Open Pairs Finals
1. Clay Coller‡/Manuel Cesari (45.4)
2. Fabio Sanna/Marco Prati (43.8)
3. Giovanni Coppo/Valerio Occorsio (42.1)
4. Emmanuele Faustini/Claudio Cigna (38.8)

Spirit of the Game
Antonio Cusm‡

Co-op B-Finals
1. Andrea Arfilli/Marco Prati/Claudio Cigna
2. Fabrizio Nicco/Eleonora Imazio/Martina Frosini
3. Andrea MarcianÚ/Giovanni Coppo/Lorenzo Sforza
4. Lorenzo Modarelli/Andrea Girodo/Gianluca Bertoncelli

Co-op Semifinals Pool A
1. Andrea Poli/Manuel Cesari/Clay Coller‡
2. Andrea MarcianÚ/Giovanni Coppo/Lorenzo Sforza
3. Lorenzo Modarelli/Andrea Girodo/Gianluca Bertoncelli

Co-op Semifinals Pool B
1. Fabio Sanna/Emmanuele Faustini/Valerio Occorsio
2. Andrea Arfilli/Marco Prati/Claudio Cigna
3. Fabrizio Nicco/Eleonora Imazio/Martina Frosini

Open Pairs Semifinals Pool A
1. Giovanni Coppo/Valerio Occorsio
2. Fabio Sanna/Marco Prati
3. Andrea Poli/Gianluca Bertoncelli
4. Gloria Alessandrini/Lorenzo Sforza
5. Lorenzo Modarelli/Fabrizio Nicco

Open Pairs Semifinals Pool B
1. Emmanuele Faustini/Claudio Cigna
2. Clay Coller‡/Manuel Cesari
3. Eleonora Imazio/Martina Frosini
4. Andrea Girodo/Andrea MarcianÚ

2010 Bear Valley Overall – Results

2010 Bear Valley Overall
Anchorage, Alaska
September 18, 2010

1. Adrian Baer
2. Matt Watenpoole
T3. Chris Dunaway
T3. John Dunaway
5. Todd Van Osdol
6. Brad Bishop
7. Rob Bochenek
8. Micah Kiehl
T9. Will Taygan
T9. Ryan Peterson
T10. Tami Hamler
T10. Birgit Lenger
T12. Russell Moore
T12. Austin Borcherding
T12. Ross Weatherbee
T12. Kevin Traver

Torino Street Style

Torino Street Style
September 11-12th | Torino, Italy

Open Pairs Finals
1. Marco Prati – Claudio Cigna (43.0 – AI 13.6 EX 16.1 DIFF 13.3)
2. Clay Coller‡ – Andrea Dini (40.9 – AI 13.1 EX 15.2 DIFF 12.9)

Super Pro
1. Marco Prati
2. Clay Coller‡
3T. Claudio Cigna
3T. Emmanuele Faustini
5T. Antonio Cusm‡
5T. Andrea Sarti
5T. Andrea Dini
5T. Silvia Caruso
9T. Davide Bianchi
9T. Sergio Arrighi
9T. Tommaso Tondo
9T. Andrea Girodo
9T. Raffaele Pilla
9T. Serge Marconi
9T. Andrea MarcianÚ
9T. Fabrizio "Nino" Nicco

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Two New #1 Players

The European Championships and the FPA Worlds created some big changes on both the Open and Women’s rankings lists. Congratulations to Matteo Gaddoni and Judith Haas for being our new #1 ranked players!

Open Rankings
1. Gaddoni, Matteo (ITA) 1618 pts
2. Silvey, Randy (USA) 1554.75 pts
3. Coller‡, Clay (ITA) 1515.25 pts
4. Leitner, Tom (USA) 1514.25 pts
5. Kenny, Paul (USA) 1410.75 pts
6. Cigna, Claudio (ITA) 1398.5 pts
7. Coddington, Arthur (USA) 1369 pts
8. Sanna, Fabio (ITA) 1352.4 pts
9. Lamred, Christian (GER) 1266.5 pts
10. Hess, Florian (GER) 1254 pts

Women’s Rankings
1. Haas, Judith (GER) 1095 pts
2. Imazio, Eleonora (ITA) 1063 pts
3. Hunrichs, Lisa (USA) 993 pts
4. Daniels, Lori (USA) 901 pts
5. Caruso, Silvia (ITA) 794.5 pts
6. Kruger, Cindy (USA) 791.4 pts
7. Simon, Ilka (GER) 720 pts
8. Alessandrini, Gloria (ITA) 698.4 pts
9. Kulisanova, Irena (CZE) 659.75 pts
10. Sanchez, Bethany (USA) 655 pts

123 Four Seasons Hat Tournament (edition Summer 2010)

123 Four Seasons Hat Tournament (edition Summer 2010)
Berlin, Germany
September 4, 2010

The weather was sunny with a little bit of refreshing rain in the evening. The wind was low to medium but constant thanks to the huge open space on the former airfield. Thanks to all jammers who made their way to berlin; the Czech, the Cologne Jammers, the Nuremberg Jammer and the New Brandenburg Jammers.

The Berlin Jammers have to new masters of the Summer hat. Congratulations to Lord Mehrdad and Marc, who rockt the finals with highly technical play.

Pool A:
1. Philipp Lenarz/Stefan Duenkel
2. Fabio Caruso/Harald Skomroch
3. Anton Capellmann/Thomas Noetzel
4. Markus Hein/Jason McGlade
5. Kolja Hannemann/Tim Pattenberg
6. Jakub Matula/Jiri Weiss

Pool B:
1. Marc Pestotnic/Mehrdad Hosseinian
2. Philipp Ludwig/Waldemar Wagner
3. Woo Wunder/Bianca Strunz
4. Jan Schreck/Philipp Maubach
5. Manuel Zach/Philipp Krueger
6. Tobi Burzan/Sash Hoehne

1. Marc Pestotnic/Mehrdad Hosseinian
2. Fabio Caruso/Harald Skomroch
3. Philipp Ludwig/Waldemar Wagner
4. Philipp Lenarz/Stefan Duenkel
5. Woo Wunder/Bianca Strunz
6. Anton Capellmann/Thomas Noetzel