Free Shipping On This Is Freestyle

I just heard that is having a shipping special. Orders between $25 and $100 are shipped free – even internationally. I have confirmed it for domestic orders. So, get together with friends and buy together. Or, buy a few and share with friends.

For Europeans, Lui Tasini now has an inventory of books, so you can save on shipping by contacting her.

Again, you can learn more about the book at

Back home from Olympics!

So, we are back from the Olympus! Everything was so great and professional, the organization over there is just outstanding, great food, great vibes!

As Masu told us after the first show (we did two during the day): “We made it!The entertainment was unbelievebly high! The only show where people came and stopped! The ONLY show that had the official Olympic photographer shooting! And the only one that made interactions with people! Even athletes came, watching amazed and tried some moves!! The organizers of the “entertainment area” had the best feedback with us! We won them!”

Eleonora could make lots of photos of the event and Matteo Ceresa shot with the videocamera the second show…awesome!
I’ll post the video soon and Eleonora will post the photos!

Thanks again to Masu for giving frisbee this great opportinuty!

Thanks to Matteo Ceresa for hosting all of us in Torino and shooting the video!

Thanks to Lui and Clay for organizing, brainstorming everything from the travel to the show!

And a big thanks to the athletes who took part to the event:

Clay Collerá
Matteo Gaddoni
Eleonora Imazio
Alessandro Collerá
Matteo Ceresa
Luca Medri
Fabio Sanna

See you next event!

Fabio & Eleonora

See the first photos, in the official Olympic Village newsletter: (pdf) – thanks Mouss

Freestyle At The Torino Olympic Village

Lui Tasini reports that there will be a freestyle demo at the Olympics this week. It was arranged by Emanuele Maltoni (Ema or Manu) from the Olympics. He was part of the Paganello organizing team a few years ago.

On Friday (February 24), Clay and Ale Collerá, Fabio Sanna, Eleonora Imazio, Matteo Gaddoni and Luca Medri freestyle will visit the Olympic Village for an unofficial Frisbee Freestyle show.


I am asked all the time "is freestyle in the Olympics"? Now can I say yes? Many of us have watched big events like the Olympics and wondered what it would be like to be one of the "chosen" sports. Some disc sports are already used in Olympic training. For instance, I saw a segment a few years ago showing the US volleyball team using beach ultimate as cross training.

I can’t wait to see photos from the show and hear about everything: what the Village is like, whether the athletes watched and what they thought, whether they have any security issues. Everything.


Hello guys,

I really need some help learning the turnover.
I know it’s a very advanced trick but I need to be able to do that.
Is there anyone who can give me good advice.

I’m clock right handed


THIS IS FREESTYLE: A Freestyle Photography Book

Lui Tasini, Damiano Basso and Arthur Coddington have announced the release of THIS IS FREESTYLE, a 73 page book of freestyle photography and essays. THIS IS FREESTYLE chronicles 2005, one of the greatest years in our sport. Designed by Damiano Basso, the book shows competition action, jam footage and off-the-field moments from around the world and features images from nine photographers:

Lori Daniels
Christophe Legendre
Arnaud LévËnes
Suvi Flagan
Kolja Hanneman
Supri Suharjoto
Greta Giacomazzi
Alessandra Russo
Arthur Coddington

The book is written in both English and Italian and is available for only $10. Preview screenshots of pages from the book are available at

DiscCast Episode 2: With Dave Lewis & Dori Yaniv

Episode 2 is now available and is a massive improvement on the first episode! We now have started a handful of segments that will be regulars on the show. This Episode also guest stars none other than 9-time World Freestyle Champion, Dave Lewis and Director of the Israeli Flying Disc Association, Dori Yaniv. Also, the sound quality is much better this month due to improved audio recording equipment.

Episode 2 Timeline:

1.Introduction (00:00 ñ 02:44)
2.World Freestyle News From The Past Month (02:44 ñ 04:44)
3.DiscCast Discussion ñ Dori Yaniv talks to us about teaching freestyle, and the techniques that have been successful over in Israel (05:10 ñ 36:11)
4.ukDiscstyle Freestyle News From The Past Month (36:31 ñ 41:50)
5.ëHow-To’ Section ñ Dave Lewis gives a detailed insight into tipping, for all standards of freestyle play (42:00 – 53:02)
6.Joke Of The Month! (53:30 – 55:10)
7.Frisbee Fact Of The Month! (55:13 – 56:20)
8.Conclusion (56:20 ñ 57:23)

Running Time: 57mins 23secs
File Size: 26.2MB
Release Date: 13th February 2006

Episode 2 is available through iTunes and Podcast Alley! For more information, head over to ukDiscstyle’s DiscCast Page (

If you have anything to say about the show, e.g. comments, suggestions, or requests to be a guest, please e-mail us at!

Reichstag jam

For all the jammers who have never been to Berlin, I just uploaded a small photo gallery from a last years jam in front of the Reichstag (german parliament). The Reichstag meadow will be the spot for the pre- and post-tournament jams during the Worlds in Berlin. So feel free to catch some atmosphere and raise your pleasant anticipation.