Freestyle At The Torino Olympic Village

Lui Tasini reports that there will be a freestyle demo at the Olympics this week. It was arranged by Emanuele Maltoni (Ema or Manu) from the Olympics. He was part of the Paganello organizing team a few years ago.

On Friday (February 24), Clay and Ale Collerá, Fabio Sanna, Eleonora Imazio, Matteo Gaddoni and Luca Medri freestyle will visit the Olympic Village for an unofficial Frisbee Freestyle show.


I am asked all the time "is freestyle in the Olympics"? Now can I say yes? Many of us have watched big events like the Olympics and wondered what it would be like to be one of the "chosen" sports. Some disc sports are already used in Olympic training. For instance, I saw a segment a few years ago showing the US volleyball team using beach ultimate as cross training.

I can’t wait to see photos from the show and hear about everything: what the Village is like, whether the athletes watched and what they thought, whether they have any security issues. Everything.

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  1. Yes, Eleonora and I are so excited to go there, it’s a dream coming true for both of us: being at the Olympics in Italy!
    We really hope it will be possible to shoot photos and videos! If this is gonna happen, we’ll post soon some good stuff! 🙂
    We’ll let you know everything!
    Ele & Fabio


  2. I’m sooooo exited!
    I was watching sky dance and working on pc,
    when Lui called me on messenger:
    "hey, call clay there is a news!".
    What a great news!!


  3. This sounds great!!!
    Please try and capture a video of the demo as I would love to see it!!
    Who knows, if this goes down well, organisers may even try to get freestyle demos at the Olympics in 2008!

    Yo !! from Johninho !!

  4. There is an olympic dream comming true for you all…. simply great!
    The Olympic Games are the non plus ultra of sporting events.
    I cross my fingers and wish you all the best for this mind blowing mission to the olympic family.
    Z-YA soon…..

  5. Wow, this is awesome, could give the sport another big push. Wish you guys the best of luck, though I might be a bit late 🙂
    Show em’ who’s Hein

    No jump, no catch!

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