Christian Lamred Sweeps at FPA Worlds

For the third time in four years, a player has swept the Open Pairs and Open Co-op titles at the FPA World Championships. In 2013 it was Arthur Coddington. Paul Kenny did it last year. Christian Lamred has won his first and second world championship titles in winning both the pairs and co-op events at this year’s Brooklyn, New York world championships.

Unpredictable winds and the threat of rain moved the worlds finals indoors this year, resulting in a high level of play on finals day.

The Champions

Women’s: Lori Daniels/Amy Schiller
Open Co-op: Flo Hess/Christian Lamred/Alex Leist
Mixed Pairs: Lisa Hunrichs/Matt Gauthier
Open Pairs: Christian Lamred/Tom Leitner

New All-Time Bests

This year’s world championships resulted in a number of new all-time bests and set other records up to be broken at next year’s championships in Italy.

  • Flo Hess, Christian Lamred and Alex Leist become first-time world champions.
  • Veteran and legend Tom Leitner shatters the record for the most time between first FPA world championship titles and most recent. His first was in 1989. The record increases from Larry Imperiale’s previous best of 22 years to a new mark of 27 years!
  • Tom Leitner picks up his sixth Open Pairs title. He is only the second player to win six, behind Arthur Coddington who has seven. He has now won with 4 different teammates (Skippy Jammer, Dave Schiller, Matteo Gaddoni and Christian Lamred), which establishes a new record.
  • Lisa Hunrichs and Matt Gauthier win their fourth consecutive mixed pairs title, tying Amy Schiller and Dave Schiller’s all-time record for consecutive mixed titles. This title is their sixth mixed pairs together, one behind the Schillers’ all-time record.
  • Lisa Hunrichs extends her lead as the winningest player in the Mixed and Women’s divisions with 19 titles (11 women’s and 8 mixed)

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  • 2015 Lazzaroni

    Lazzaroni 2015
    Bolognia, Italy
    December 12-13, 2015

    Open Pairs Final
    1 Marco Prati – Andrea Ludergnani 48,13
    2 Andrea Sarti – Clay Collerà 47,29
    3 Manuel Cesari – Gianluca Giglio 46,08
    4 Edoardo Gargano – Andrea Poli 36,63

    Open Co-op Hat Final
    1 Manuel Cesari – Andrea Poli – Gianluca Bertoncelli 33,99
    2 Andrea Sarti – Edoardo Gargano – Mattia Lambertini 32,78
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    Why I am Running for FPA Executive Director

    Arthur Coddington. Photo by Bethany SanchezElections for the FPA Board are happening now, and this year I am running for Executive Director. I hope you will join me in building on the great work of freestyle athletes, event organizers and video producers worldwide to build our sport.

    I believe the FPA is at a critical moment of opportunity. By shifting the organization’s focus toward greater inclusion, transparency and volunteer participation, we can build freestyle participation at all levels of play. By taking both a disciplined approach to representing freestyle and a creative approach to bringing the sport to the world, freestyle can reach new levels of participation and recognition, not to mention technical progression

    If you are an FPA member, you should have received an email with a ballot link. If not, notify current FPA Executive Director Lori Daniels at lorizdisc(at)gmail(dot)com.

    You can vote until December 17.

    Read my full candidate statement below and all the candidate statements at

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    2015 Sandslash

    2015 Sandslash
    Debki, Poland
    August 21-23, 2015


    Open Pairs Final

    1. Pablo Azul/Jan Soerensen (46.2)
    2. Freddy Finner/Mehrdad Hosseinian (42.6)
    3. Sascha Höhne/Woo Wunder (41.7)
    4. Kolja Hanneman/Bianca Strunz (38.5)
    5. Jan Schreck/Thomas Nötzel (38.3)
    6. Mateusz Gajewski/Philipp Krüger (38.1)
    7. Michal Maciolek/Konrad Patris (34.0)
    8. Benjamin Edelmann/Oliver Petrus (29.5)

    Open Pairs Semi A

    1. Freddy Finner/Mehrdad Hosseinian (52.4)
    2. Pablo Azul/Jan Soerensen (44.4)
    3. Kolja Hanneman/Bianca Strunz (40.9)
    4. Benjamin Edelmann/Oliver Petrus (33.0)
    5. Jakub Kostel/Irena Kulisanova/Jakub Matula (32.3)
    6. Anna Bragagnolo/Tom “Harry” Goltz (29.3)
    7. Soren Dietriech/Stephan Stoll (25.3)

    Open Pairs Semi B

    1. Sascha Höhne/Woo Wunder (43.3)
    2. Michal Maciolek/Konrad Patris (39.7)
    3. Mateusz Gajewski/Philipp Krüger (39.4)
    4. Thomas Nötzel/Jan Schreck (35.8)
    5. Fabian Dinklage/Fabrizio “Nino” Nicco (34.7)
    6. Jonathan Kriss/David Tomiak (29.5)
    7. Marcin Dusowski/Korneliusz Zagorski (26.7)