Looking for someone to jam with.

My name is Pi and I am living outside of Udine now. I would love to get info on jam session in the area. I lived in NYC for many years and played with the guys in Central Park. I am the guy on the cover of "Zen and the Art of Frisbee Freestyle". Respect,peace and happiness, Pi

DiscCast Episode 10: Feat. Lisa Hunrichs & Larry Imperiale


hits double figures with another compelling episode! We feature our first ever
female guest for our main interview, as 9-time world champion Lisa Hunrichs
sits down to chat with us about her extraordinary personal career. A further
highlight on this month’s show is an extremely interesting and informative
‘How-To’ segment from legend Larry Imperiale, in which he provides a
comprehensive guide to ‘mob-op’ play. We know you weren’t expecting this until
halloween at least, but thanks to Joe and John’s mid-term break off school this
week, Episode 10 is edited and ready well before the end of the month – and to
top it all off, it comes with our best audio quality yet.

10 Timeline-

Intro (0:00-2:52)

2. World Freestyle News, including a follow-up on the recent FPAW 07 dates
discussion. (2:54-10:09)

3. FPA News from the past month (10:10-11:38)

4. DiscCast Interview – Featuring Lisa Hunrichs (11:40-39:10)

5. ‘Guess the Jammer’ Competition Update (39:33-41:05)

6. ‘How-To’ Segment – Larry Imperiale on Mob-oping (41:07-54:16)

7. Frisbee Fact of the Month! (54:38-58:15)

8. Conclusion and Goodbye (58:17-THE END)

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Video: 1997 FPAW Co-op

(extra videos courtesy of Kolja Hanneman)

Larry Imperiale/Randy Silvey/Bill Wright (2nd place)

Chip Bell/Joel Rogers/Dave Schiller (4th place)

Rick Castiglia/Mike Reid/Jonathan Willett (6th place)

For old time’s sake (and by request), here’s a video of the winning routine from the 1997 FPA Worlds in Honolulu. This was the first of three wins in a row for Dave Murphy/Dave Lewis/Arthur Coddington and the first of five wins a row for Dave and Arthur’s co-op teams. It was the second dropless FPA Worlds in a row for Arthur and Dave.

The story behind this routine is that Bill Wright, Larry Imperiale and Randy Silvey kicked our asses twice in 1996 – once at the US Open, then a month later at FPA Worlds in New York. We went back to the drawing board and decided to not only try to up the ante with our technical skills but to also play around with the presentation element of keeping possession of both discs for the entire five minutes.

We worked our butts off to put the routine together and perfect it. When we got to Honolulu and tried to run through the routine the day before the tournament, we couldn’t complete anything. We felt like beginners. Glancing across the field, it was also clear that Bill, Larry and Randy had also been playing with multiple discs. Our rivalry would definitely continue, and we would face off against a lot of other formidable teams. We would be in trouble if we didn’t figure out a way to pull off our moves.

Our ineptness was only temporary. We remembered how to freestyle and whipped our routine back into shape. A strange thing happened in the semis, though. For whatever reason, Bill, Larry and Randy placed third in their pool, giving them the big strategic disadvantage of playing early in the finals. We won our semi and would play last.

The finals, as you can see from the flags and trees behind the action in the video, were blustery. It wasn’t about just performing the routine but also overcoming unpredictable elements. When we performed, we didn’t know how Bill, Larry and Randy played. We just focused on being a team and putting on a show. The routine is dropless but of course not without mistakes and many saves. A lot of things went our way that day – lucky breaks, mistakes that turned into exciting moments, etc.

Looking back at the video, I’m proud of three things. First, our team moved and communicated well. When things didn’t go right, we found solutions. When the wind moved one player around, the others adjusted. Second, this title was Dave Murphy’s first FPA title, and I’m proud to have been on his team and helped him in some way get the much-deserved hardware to go with his amazing game. Third, it’s a little known fact that Dave Lewis almost didn’t play the worlds that year because of a neck injury. The happy ending of a win at worlds is extra special after sticking together through injuries like that.

2006 Plastic On Plastic

Ten Things About Plastic On Plastic
1. The last catch of the tournament was a quadruple spinning phlaud by Carl Dobson that might have bumped him up into 2nd place.
2. It was cold. Not Russia cold, but leave-your-sweats-on Northern California cold. SummerShred cold.
3. Special guest appearances by Steve Hubbard, Carolyn Yabe and Roger Cole were a pleasant surprise.
4. Plastic On Plastic was a turboshred event. Diff-only judging. Jams of four players. Why Plastic On Plastic? Because we were playing on a really cushy artificial turf (plastic) field…
5. The tournament was quick. After waiting for some youth soccer teams to finish warming up on "our" field, we ran the whole event in about 45 minutes. The ratio of jamtime to tournament time was probably 4/1.
6. Carolyn Yabe outscored her husband by a total of 3 points over the whole tournament. Two in the prelim and one in the final.
7. I won the A final. I was able to hit a few strong combos early then relax go for some big stuff. Had I spaunched on the big stuff, the winner would have been a toss-up, but I was fortunate to be relaxed and seal. Don’t really remember many moves except a triple spinning tumble and a quad spinning legover pull. There is no video (therefore it didn’t happen?).
8. Steve Stotter and Steve Hubbard in the same prelim pool means you’ll see a ton of quality rolling.
9. Carl Dobson and Arthur Coddington in the same jam group means a spin-o-rama.
10. Greg Riley donated a vintage Krae Van Sickle/Laura Engel 80 mold as the 1st prize.

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Berlin Hat Tournament 2006

Berlin Hat Tournament 2006
Berlin, Germany
October 8, 2006

1. Anton Capellmann/Phillip Jahnke
2. Markus Hein/Oli Baczko
3. Daniel Sorgatz/Jörg "Woo" Wunder
4. Kolja Hannemann/Greg Marter
5. Bianca Strunz/Max Schmidt

ukDiscstyle on BBC1

On Friday 22nd September, Joe and John appeared in front of millions on UK national television channel BBC 1. They appeared in popular sports entertainment quiz show ‘A Question Of Sport’; a program that has been running for over 35 years, during which time many of the world’s biggest sporting personalities have taken part. The format of the show
involves two rival teams, each consisting of three sportspeople, competing via a series of interactive rounds and varying styles of questions.

One of the quiz’s most-loved segments, entitled ‘Mystery
Guest’, has the teams trying to work out the identity of a top sporting star, who appears in a video clip, participating in an activity unrelated to their own sport. In Friday’s episode, this segment involved cricketing legend Sir Viv Richards trying his hand at Freestyle Frisbee! The clip first featured John and Joe demonstrating a plethora of freestyle Co-Ops and moves. Then Sir Viv strolls into the clip, and, courtesy of Joe and John, is taught some of the basics of freestyle (with a spinjammer, mind)!

To see the full clip, download the video HERE

DiscCast Episode 9 Released

In celebration of the fantastic tournament that took place at the start of the month, our September episode is an European Freestyle Championship special edition, and whilst our regular favourites such as the world news and frisbee fact will still feature, we have a whole host of exclusive interviews from the championships. The host, the champions, the judges and the jammers speak to us about everything about topics ranging from the conditions and standard of the weekend’s play, to their own accomplished personal careers. Download or subscribe to join in the fun.

Episode 9 Timeline-

1. Introduction – Feat. Tom Leitner (0:00-2:46)
2. World Freestyle News from the past month (2:46-12:00)
3. FPA News from the past month (12:01-14:20)
4. EFC Interviews Part 1 – Mark Regabuti, Craig Simon and Lorenzo Apriani. (14:23-27:56)
5. ‘Guess the Jammer’ Competition Update (28:00-30:16)
6. EFC ‘Round Robin’ Questions – We ask a question, and receive answers from every EFC jammer we could find. (30:20-35:35)
7. Frisbee Fact of the Month! (35:35-37:37)
8. EFC Interviews Part 2 – Florian Hess, Fabio Sanna and Eleonora Imazio. (37:38-44:00)
9. Goodbye and Conclusion (44:00-46:30)
10.Tom’s Introduction Outtake. Its Disc-gusting. DiscCasting. Whatever. (46:47-THE END)


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