DiscCast Episode 10: Feat. Lisa Hunrichs & Larry Imperiale


hits double figures with another compelling episode! We feature our first ever
female guest for our main interview, as 9-time world champion Lisa Hunrichs
sits down to chat with us about her extraordinary personal career. A further
highlight on this month’s show is an extremely interesting and informative
‘How-To’ segment from legend Larry Imperiale, in which he provides a
comprehensive guide to ‘mob-op’ play. We know you weren’t expecting this until
halloween at least, but thanks to Joe and John’s mid-term break off school this
week, Episode 10 is edited and ready well before the end of the month – and to
top it all off, it comes with our best audio quality yet.

10 Timeline-

Intro (0:00-2:52)

2. World Freestyle News, including a follow-up on the recent FPAW 07 dates
discussion. (2:54-10:09)

3. FPA News from the past month (10:10-11:38)

4. DiscCast Interview – Featuring Lisa Hunrichs (11:40-39:10)

5. ‘Guess the Jammer’ Competition Update (39:33-41:05)

6. ‘How-To’ Segment – Larry Imperiale on Mob-oping (41:07-54:16)

7. Frisbee Fact of the Month! (54:38-58:15)

8. Conclusion and Goodbye (58:17-THE END)

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One Reply to “DiscCast Episode 10: Feat. Lisa Hunrichs & Larry Imperiale”

  1. Oh boy, this episode rocks. Ive been ranting on about an interview with a female-jammer for aaaaages, so happy you guys thought it would be interesting as well. Thank you Lisa!!
    Also, great insights from Larry, ill know what to think about the next time I get out to a big tournament )))
    In general – GREAT JOB GUYS!!!! KEEP IT UP!!
    Ah yeah, happy um.. Aniversary I guess!! Hope to listen to ep.15 right before Paga )))

    No jump, no catch!

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