Rankings: October, November And December

It’s been a rough autumn for many reasons, and I fell behind in compiling the rankings. This week, I had a chance to catch up. I’ve posted three months of lists:

October: Open | Women
November: Open | Women
December: Open | Women

No long analysis this time. The one piece of trivia I want to mention is that Pat Marron moved up to #3 on the Open list in October – but only for that month. I think #3 is Pat’s lifetime peak on the rankings, so congratulations Pat!

2008 Slovak Freestyle Open Results

Slovak Freestyle Open
Dec 13-14, 2008

Coop Finals

1. Balasz, Nemeth, Baranyk
2. Hosek, Kostel, Matula
3. Zahradnicek, Zahradnicek, Struz

Open Pairs Finals

1. Balasz, Nemeth
2. Kostel, Hosek
3. Baranyk, Turan
4. Zahradnicek, Zahradnicek

Open Pairs POOL A

1. Balasz, Nemeth
2. Hosek, Kostel
3. Selecka, Mino

Open Pairs POOL B

1. Zahradnicek, Zahradnicek
2. Baranyk, Turan
3. Matula, Struz

2008 JiK Jam Results

JiK Jam 2nd
Dec 13-14 2008
Köln (Cologne), Germany

Open Pairs – Final

1. Judith Haas/Robert Dittrich (20.45)
2. Sascha Scherzinger/Anton Capellmann (20.05)
3. Boguslaw Bul/Marc Pestotnik (19.85)
4. Philipp Lenarz/Jan Schreck (19.30)
5. Mehrdad Hosseinian/Stefan Duenkel (18.75)

Open Pairs – Semi Playoff

1. Judith Haas/Robert Dittrich (18.90)
2. Markus Goetz/Tom Blockhuys (16.75)
3. Demar Wagner/Ilka Simon (16.00)
4. Frederic Finner/Max Schmidt (13.85)

Open Pairs – Pool A

1. Sascha Scherzinger/Anton Capellmann (20.50)
2. Mehrdad Hosseinian/Stefan Duenkel (19.50)
3. Judith Haas/Robert Dittrich (16.40)
4. Demar Wagner/Ilka Simon (14.70)

Open Pairs – Pool B

1. Boguslaw Bul/Marc Pestotnik (19.95)
2. Philipp Lenarz/Jan Schreck (17.60)
3. Markus Goetz/Tom Blockhuys (17.55)
4. Frederic Finner/Max Schmidt (13.40)

FPA Launches Store

This freestyle fashion craze could be even bigger than legwarmers!

The FPA is putting its annual disc designs on clothing through the on-demand retailer Zazzle. The initial product offerings include the 2008 Gauthier Bros disc design plus a “Got Shred?” product line. The FPA will be opening the vault of past disc designs to add them to the mix.

There will be both US and European stores. The UK/Europe store currently has a free shipping offer to the UK and EU using the code UKZAZZLESHIP.

Profits from the Zazzle store support the work of the FPA.

Mazapegul 2008

2nd GP ForlÏ/International Tournament “E Mazapegul 2008”
November 29-30 2008, ForlÏ
Hard Disc/www.frisbeehd.com

Open Pairs Finals
1. Paul Kenny/Randy Silvey
2. Fabio Sanna/Emmanuele Faustini
3. Matteo Gaddoni/Marco Prati
4. Claudio Cigna/Luca Medri
5. Clay Coller‡/Andrea Dini
6. Tom Leitner/Danilo Torzolini
7. Antonio Cusm‡/Matteo Feller
8. Riccardo Sanna/Andrea Poli

Open Co-op Finals
1. Claudio Cigna/Fabio Sanna/Antonio Cusm‡
2. Paul Kenny/Randy Silvey/Matteo Gaddoni
3. Manuel Cesari/Andrea Poli/Tom Leitner
4. Marco Prati/Clay Coller‡/Luca Medri
5. Eleonora Imazio/Andrea Dini/Ennio Scrimieri
6. Riccardo Sanna/Andrea Arfilli/Raffaele Pilla

Mixed Pairs Finals
1. Eleonora Imazio/Fabio Sanna
2. Gloria Alessandrini/Manuel Cesari
3. Martina Frosini/Matteo Gaddoni
4. Ilaria Aprile/Claudio Cigna
5. Sara Cintura/Guglielmo Feis

Spirit of the Game: Randy Silvey
Love Award: Randy Silvey and Paul Kenny
Best group: Trieste crew

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