Rankings: October, November And December

It’s been a rough autumn for many reasons, and I fell behind in compiling the rankings. This week, I had a chance to catch up. I’ve posted three months of lists:

October: Open | Women
November: Open | Women
December: Open | Women

No long analysis this time. The one piece of trivia I want to mention is that Pat Marron moved up to #3 on the Open list in October – but only for that month. I think #3 is Pat’s lifetime peak on the rankings, so congratulations Pat!

2 Replies to “Rankings: October, November And December”

  1. I looked at the list and for the first time, it is my sense that cracking the top 100 is a significant achievement. This is a great measure of the depth of our "disc discipline"…er sport!!

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    Emotional Expression

  2. Not just the top 100, but the top 200. It used to be that one tournament could easily put you in the top 200, and one win could get you into the top 100. Now, you really have to play a few events (pay your dues?) to rise through the ranks.

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