Italian Championships 2009

Italian Freestyle Frisbee Championships 2009
27-28 June, Parma

Open Pairs Finals
1. Clay Collerá/Claudio Cigna (44.7)
2. Giovanni Coppo/Valerio Occorsio (42.46)
3. Antonio Cusmá/Matteo Feller (42.09)
4. Andrea Poli/Manuel Cesari (42.06)
5. Matteo Gaddoni/Marco Prati (40.57)

Open Co-op Finals
1. Andrea Poli/Manuel Cesari/Marco Prati (44.63)
2. Antonio Cusmá/Matteo Feller/Clay Collerá (41,28)
3. Giovanni Coppo/Silvia Caruso/Fabio Percario (39,57)

Spirit of the Game
Valentino De Chiara

Open Pairs B-Finals (top team enter finals)
1. Matteo Gaddoni/Marco Prati
2. Silvia Caruso/Emmanuele Faustini
3. Fabio Percario/Riccardo Sanna

Open Pairs Semifinals (top 2 teams enter finals)
Pool A
1. Claudio Cigna/Clay Collerá
2. Giovanni Coppo/Valerio Occorsio
3. Riccardo Sanna/Fabio Percario
4. Emmanuele Faustini/Silvia Caruso
Pool B
1. Manuel Cesari/Andrea Poli
2. Matteo Feller/Antonio Cusmá
3. Marco Prati/Matteo Gaddoni

Open Co-op Semifinals
Pool A
1. Manuel Cesari/Andrea Poli/Marco Prati
2. Antonio Cusmá/Matteo Feller/Clay Collerá
3. Riccardo Sanna/Lorenzo Sforza/Matteo Gaddoni
Pool B
1. Giovanni Coppo/Silvia Caruso/Fabio Percario
2. Claudio Cigna/Emmanuele Faustini/Valerio Occorsio

Beach Stylers OB09 Announced For November 14-15

Dave and Amy Schiller announced the new Beachstylers OB09 tournament, to be held in San Diego on November 14 and 15. This will be the first beach tournament in San Diego since 2003.

Beachstylers’ first day will feature 4 events: Open (traditional routine style competition), Turboshred (individual shredfest), Airbrush Race, and a new event called Mob Op Idol. In Mob Op Idol, players will jam with whomever they want then vote for one another in a boatload of categories like Disc Dude Deluxe, Disc Diva Deluxe, Seal-O-Matic, Lucky Sieve, Kinder Setter, Death Jammer, and Juju Meister.

On the second day, there will be two casual events and a lot of jamming. Ring or Regular, inspired by an Ocean Beach style of play with an 88 gram regular, lets teams work the disc in the wind for as long as possible and punishes catch attempts. Pro Flow is a variation on speed flow.
Dave and Amy promise more info over the next few months.

Visit the new Milano Freestyle Community WebSite!
Soon we’ll publish some Video and Photos from the just endend 8th edition of Vagolino
Keep it going!

Vagolino! What a Tournament!!

Vagolino 2009 is already over!! We had great times with more than 25 players and a lot of new people interested to our beloved sport! Party was hard and we enjoyed the city in every hour of the day and situation!

Here the results – we had a monster routing from Vagolino 2009 champions!

1) Valerio "Wall" Occorsio – Giovanni Coppo (46.9)
2) Antonio "Piccio" Cusm‡ – Matteo Feller (42.5)
3) Matteo Gaddoni – Tommy Leitner (42.2)
4) Manuel "Rufus" Cesari – Marco "Cega" Prati (35.3)
5) Fabio "Perkins" Precario – Emmanuele "White Fang" Zanardi (33.3)
6) Matteo "Da Prez" Ceresa – Andrea MarcianÚ (33.1)
7) Danilo Torzolini – Ennio Scrimieri (31.1)

Spirit of the game: LO ZIO!!!!!



FPAW2001 Videos

Thanks to the generosity of Doug Korns, the FPA has loaded 13 videos from the 2001 World Championships onto the FPA YouTube Channel. In the future, the FPA hopes to add more unpublished archival footage plus instructional pieces that help players of all levels enjoy freestyle.

Mixed Pairs Final

1. Mary Jorgenson/Dan Yarnell
2. Nikki Ross/Dave Murphy
3. Judy Robbins/Larry Imperiale

Women’s Final

1. Stacy McCarthy/Amy Schiller
2. Lisa Hunrichs-Silvey/Cindy Kruger
3. Deanna Ross/Nikki Ross

Open Pairs Final

1. Arthur Coddington/Dave Lewis
2. Larry Imperiale/Paul Kenny
3. Dave Murphy/Joel Rogers
4. Jake Gauthier/Matt Gauthier

Co-op Final

1. Arthur Coddington/Dave Lewis/Dave Schiller
2. Paul Kenny/Randy Silvey/Dan Yarnell
3. Larry Imperiale/Tom Leitner/Dave Murphy

Jammer Mom Has Arrived

During May, an infamous Paganello semifinal video was finally released to the hounds, Claudio Cigna rose to a lifetime best #7 open ranking, and Anne Goh won her second beach tournament in a row. Who could have imagined that all these events would be eclipsed by what may be the freestyle story of the 21st century: the arrival of Jammer Mom.

On May 24, she gave herself a 76th birthday present and stepped onto the beach for her long-anticipated freestyle tournament debut. As she had done many years ago, she carried her son (a young upstart named Paul). She has a lifetime dropless record in competition. She is the most senior freestyler ever listed on the Women’s rankings (at #45). She is…Jammer Mom!

German Championships 2009 – Cologne

German Championships 2009
June 6-7, 2009
Cologne, Germany

The third Disc Days Cologne where fantastic. Big thanks to Joerg Benner, Harry Skomroch und Sascha Scherzinger for this unique event.

Here are the results:

Open Pairs Finals

1. Jan Schreck/Anton Capellmann (47.90)
2. Boguslaw Bul/Carten Heim (42.6)
3. Heiko Vogt/Judith Haas (39.40)
4. Dominique Weiflenberger/Rainer Dörr (38.20)
5. Martin Stadler/Stefan Dünkel (37.80)
6. Waldi Wagner/Sascha Scherzinger (36.50)
7. Christian Lamred/Markus Götz (36.30)
8. Markus Hein/Kolja Hannemann (35.10)

Co-op Finals

1. Carsten Heim/Christian Lamred/Heiko Vogt (37.80)
2. Sascha Scherzinger/Anton Capellmann/Bo Bul (37.10)
3. Rainer Dörr/Dominique Weiflenberger/Judith Haas (36.70)
4. Martin Stadler/Stefan Dünkel/Mehrdad Hosseinian (35.10)
5. Markus Hein/Bianca Strunz/Woo Wunder (33.20)
6. Marc Pestotnik/Kolja Hannemann/Jan Schreck (32.60)
7. Ilka Simon/Waldi Wagner/Harald Skomroch (30.30)
8. Jochen Schleicher/Greg Marter/Tobias Gebert (22.00)

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Frisboy Wins University Talent Show!

UK Freestyler John Coxhead recently participated in his University’s Talent Show ‘UCLAN’s GOT TALENT’. Under the moniker of Frisboy, John out-performed the other 50 acts and took 1st place in the contest! A video of his performance at the live final (which took place in 1500 capacity venue) can be seen below.

As a result, the profile of Frisbee Freestyle was hugely boosted across the the university campus which is home to 30,000 students.

His winning routine at the live final is also his audition for a bigger, national competition called ‘UNI’s GOT TALENT’. The event, which is due to get full TV coverage, will be a fantastic opportunity to publicise Frisbee Freestyle all over the UK. Please VOTE at this link (it’s free!) to get Frisboy entered into the Grand Final…–UCLAN