Beach Stylers OB09 Announced For November 14-15

Dave and Amy Schiller announced the new Beachstylers OB09 tournament, to be held in San Diego on November 14 and 15. This will be the first beach tournament in San Diego since 2003.

Beachstylers’ first day will feature 4 events: Open (traditional routine style competition), Turboshred (individual shredfest), Airbrush Race, and a new event called Mob Op Idol. In Mob Op Idol, players will jam with whomever they want then vote for one another in a boatload of categories like Disc Dude Deluxe, Disc Diva Deluxe, Seal-O-Matic, Lucky Sieve, Kinder Setter, Death Jammer, and Juju Meister.

On the second day, there will be two casual events and a lot of jamming. Ring or Regular, inspired by an Ocean Beach style of play with an 88 gram regular, lets teams work the disc in the wind for as long as possible and punishes catch attempts. Pro Flow is a variation on speed flow.
Dave and Amy promise more info over the next few months.