2006 Plastic On Plastic

Ten Things About Plastic On Plastic
1. The last catch of the tournament was a quadruple spinning phlaud by Carl Dobson that might have bumped him up into 2nd place.
2. It was cold. Not Russia cold, but leave-your-sweats-on Northern California cold. SummerShred cold.
3. Special guest appearances by Steve Hubbard, Carolyn Yabe and Roger Cole were a pleasant surprise.
4. Plastic On Plastic was a turboshred event. Diff-only judging. Jams of four players. Why Plastic On Plastic? Because we were playing on a really cushy artificial turf (plastic) field…
5. The tournament was quick. After waiting for some youth soccer teams to finish warming up on "our" field, we ran the whole event in about 45 minutes. The ratio of jamtime to tournament time was probably 4/1.
6. Carolyn Yabe outscored her husband by a total of 3 points over the whole tournament. Two in the prelim and one in the final.
7. I won the A final. I was able to hit a few strong combos early then relax go for some big stuff. Had I spaunched on the big stuff, the winner would have been a toss-up, but I was fortunate to be relaxed and seal. Don’t really remember many moves except a triple spinning tumble and a quad spinning legover pull. There is no video (therefore it didn’t happen?).
8. Steve Stotter and Steve Hubbard in the same prelim pool means you’ll see a ton of quality rolling.
9. Carl Dobson and Arthur Coddington in the same jam group means a spin-o-rama.
10. Greg Riley donated a vintage Krae Van Sickle/Laura Engel 80 mold as the 1st prize.

2006 Plastic On Plastic
San Ramon, CA
October 15, 2006
A Final
1. Arthur Coddington (667 points)
2. Carl Dobson (612)
3. Carolyn Yabe (605)
4. Steve Hubbard (604)
B Final
5. Greg Riley (430 points)
6. Steve Stotter (395)
7. Doug Korns (370)
8. Roger Cole (300)
Prelim A
(top 2 advance to A Final; 3rd and 4th place advance to B final)
1. Arthur Coddington (620 points)
2. Carl Dobson (534)
3. Greg Riley (527)
4. Roger Cole (191)
Prelim B
(top 2 advance to A Final; 3rd and 4th place advance to B final)
1. Carolyn Yabe (612 points)
2. Steve Hubbard (610)
3. Steve Stotter (515)
4. Doug Korns (445)

2 Replies to “2006 Plastic On Plastic”

  1. Hi Arthur,
    That was a fun little jam before cooler weather sets in. I still can’t believe I
    beat Steve by one point, I’m still scratching my head over that one. I did call
    Buti this morning to make sure he was OK. He’s fine, he just decided to rest
    but now he regrets not going. The last thing he said "so you want to play
    regards, Carolyn

  2. Carolyn,
    Good to hear that everything’s okay with Buti. Glad you and the family came
    and enjoyed it.

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