ukDiscstyle on BBC1

On Friday 22nd September, Joe and John appeared in front of millions on UK national television channel BBC 1. They appeared in popular sports entertainment quiz show ‘A Question Of Sport’; a program that has been running for over 35 years, during which time many of the world’s biggest sporting personalities have taken part. The format of the show
involves two rival teams, each consisting of three sportspeople, competing via a series of interactive rounds and varying styles of questions.

One of the quiz’s most-loved segments, entitled ‘Mystery
Guest’, has the teams trying to work out the identity of a top sporting star, who appears in a video clip, participating in an activity unrelated to their own sport. In Friday’s episode, this segment involved cricketing legend Sir Viv Richards trying his hand at Freestyle Frisbee! The clip first featured John and Joe demonstrating a plethora of freestyle Co-Ops and moves. Then Sir Viv strolls into the clip, and, courtesy of Joe and John, is taught some of the basics of freestyle (with a spinjammer, mind)!

To see the full clip, download the video HERE

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