Hello guys,

I really need some help learning the turnover.
I know it’s a very advanced trick but I need to be able to do that.
Is there anyone who can give me good advice.

I’m clock right handed


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  1. Since there are many (100’s?) of turnovers, it is important to know which one
    you have in mind. Do you want to use both hands, or do you want to learn a
    one-handed turnover?
    One important first step is to be able to delay counter on your opposite (left)
    hand. Can you do that?

  2. I’m clock and my first turnover was with two hands. But first of all, as Arthur mentioned, you need to know how to delay counter. For the easy one in the end it’s counter with the right hand:
    1. Delay clock on the left hand
    2. Try to let it ‘fall’ in a rim delay
    3. Position the finger of your right hand at the upside down center
    4. While turning your body clockwise try to lift the left hand still in rim delay and ‘pass’ it to the right hand until the disc is upside down on your right hand.
    Hope it helps. It’s difficult to explain 🙂

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