THIS IS FREESTYLE: A Freestyle Photography Book

Lui Tasini, Damiano Basso and Arthur Coddington have announced the release of THIS IS FREESTYLE, a 73 page book of freestyle photography and essays. THIS IS FREESTYLE chronicles 2005, one of the greatest years in our sport. Designed by Damiano Basso, the book shows competition action, jam footage and off-the-field moments from around the world and features images from nine photographers:

Lori Daniels
Christophe Legendre
Arnaud LévËnes
Suvi Flagan
Kolja Hanneman
Supri Suharjoto
Greta Giacomazzi
Alessandra Russo
Arthur Coddington

The book is written in both English and Italian and is available for only $10. Preview screenshots of pages from the book are available at