Big Moves: Joey Hudoklin At 1984 US Open

(Quicktime, 348k)

When: 1984
Where: La Mirada, California
Who: Joey Hudoklin
Why: US Open (I think)

Pure consecutivity from twenty years ago. A double spin directly into a behind the back hold. Popped up to an against the spin behind the back pull into an invert. Pops the invert up under his leg to a restricted tip to a double spinning catch!

2 Replies to “Big Moves: Joey Hudoklin At 1984 US Open”

  1. Hey Joey, gimme a break! It looks so easy, but it’s not: the whole combo has no interruption and there’s NOT one easy set of the disc in air! Try by yourself just to tip the disc out of an UTL inverted pull and doing just one spinning catch (he did two), the margin error is incredibly high, and he make it in a tournament, I don’t want to see him jamming, I could have a heart attack! p.s.I’ve never thought it could be possible by a human being to take and hold a disc BTB after 2 spins before this video, thanks Arthur!


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