Discs With Domes For Learning Delays

I am totally green to this sport and looking at the Pros Freestylin’ & Jammin’ a disc like as if the disc is stuck to their fingers is amazing!!!
I have came across instructional sites that have briefly mentioned about freestyling discs having sort of a "ring" in the center on the underside of the disc for better guidance while Spinning.

How true is this? If true, which manufacturer/model of disc has this?

As I am very new to this, I would think this might help me learn to spin at the beginner’s level.

Please help!

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  1. Daniel,

    One option is the Ripstinger, a Wham-O model. Last time I checked it was
    sold by Discovering The World.
    It is fun to spin on your finger but will not help you learn the delay. It can
    help you learn how to move a delay under your leg or around your body.
    You can also use it to learn how to create co-ops with friends.

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