Drug Testing: The Price Of Olympic Glory?

According to the minutes from the 2003 WFDF Congress, WFDF is moving toward requiring drug testing in its quest for acceptance into international sports festivals and ultimately the Olympics. More recently, word has filtered out that all competitive ultimate players worldwide may be subject to drug testing in anticipation of the upcoming world championships in Turku.

Drug testing has created a more even playing field in some Olympic sports, but it has also created sticky controversies. Athletes are suspended for treating a cold with over-the-counter medication. Drugs on the prohibited list are not necessarily all performance enhancers. Athletes are considered guilty until proven innocent. Countries use differing standards to enforce the rules. And most strangely, participants in “mind sports” like chess will be tested for the same drugs as those in physical sports.

Does drug testing have any place in freestyle? If freestyle were offered a place in the Olympics, but the requirement was worldwide strict drug testing even for those with no Olympic ambitions, would that Olympic spot be worth it? What tradeoff would be unacceptable to you in order for freestyle to get into the Olympics? Is it even important for freestyle to pursue Olympic credibility?